Month: December 2015

Active View

Determining the viewability of your ads On websites, advertisers have relied upon metrics like click through rates, and number of impressions in order to price their ads. Knowing how many people are likely to click on an ad on a...

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AdSense Changes

AdSense CPM Changes How your revenue from AdSense, Google Ad Exchange and other ad networks and ad exchanges change during the seasons. At Ezoic, we have the luxury of being able to track and view the online advertising market...

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What is RPM?

What is RPM?  RPM stands for rate per mille (mille = 1,000). Confusing, right?  Mille is a standard term used in the advertising space to describe 1,0o0 impressions. RPM is a metric used commonly by AdSense and other advertising...

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Website to App

Why You Should Build an App of Your Website! The ‘Mobilegeddon’ upgrade in April this year was Google’s acknowledgement of a global shift in user behaviour towards mobile devices [Google Webmaster Blog]. 2014 marked the year in...

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