2 Content Growth Hacks That Drive More Website Traffic

2 Content Growth Hacks That Drive More Website Traffic

Website owners and digital publishers are always evaluating new strategies for driving quality traffic to their sites. Recently, I shared two common hacks that I use to quickly grow website traffic to my new websites. After just 3 months, they had used my technique to acquire 40,000 new organic Google search visitors with brand new content. They wanted to know why more publishers didn’t know about this.

2 Content Growth Hacks That Drive More Website Traffic

I told them it was because many times the content creation strategy is thinking about traffic instead of data and behavior. In these hacks, I’ll show you how to use data collected through free tools to create content that will bring you tons of organic traffic in a short amount of time.

These hacks are 100% white hat SEO techniques that are used by content pros like Neil Patel and Larry Kim. They are not commonly discussed and will likely help you bring new organic visitors to your site in the next 3 months if you take the time to do them correctly.

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How Does Black Friday Impact Publisher Ad Earnings

Black Friday’s Impact On Publisher Ad Earnings

The fourth quarter of the calendar year is traditionally when many publishers see their profits from ad earnings soar. Holiday season spending drives advertisers and marketers to massively increase their budgets; leading to more competition for publisher inventory. This means ad rates and publisher earnings usually see their high point at this time of the year.

digital ad rates on black friday for digital advertising earnings for publishers

The industry seems to be abuzz with questions about the current state of publisher earnings from digital advertising. There are questions of whether rates are up or down and genuine concern from major brands that feel they have been negatively impacted by the Duopoly on this front.

What the Ad Revenue Index is telling us is — despite rumors of declining digital ad rates — that publisher earnings from programmatic advertising are actually rising. This correlates with reports of increased digital spending in the marketplace. Below, I’ll outline how these trends are playing out and offer some predictions regarding the end of the year.

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4 Structured Data Markup Examples That Drive Organic Traffic

4 Structured Data Markup Examples That Can Win You More Traffic

Structured data markup is quickly becoming a favorite tool of SEO’s and web publishers in certain niches. Structured data markup can be added to any website’s HTML to produce rich snippets in search results. For certain topics, search engines like Google will put these rich snippets at the top of search results; providing digital property owners with a speedy hack to the top of SERPs (search engine results page).

structured data markup examples

These rich snippets are still commonly underutilized by most web publishers. Almost every site I review has a number of opportunities in which they could be leveraging structured data to drive more organic web traffic to their sites.

Below, I’ll share some really common structured data markup examples that can be used by a large number of websites to drive traffic to pages that may not currently be ranking high in SERPs. Additionally, I’ll share some easy ways to add these markups to your site right now.

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Impact of Machine Learning On Website Traffic Monetization Over Time

Study: Impact of Machine Learning On Website Traffic Monetization

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hot topics in almost every industry right now. As we’ve talked about before, these concepts are widely discussed at conferences and events but rarely implemented in their truest form. This is overwhelmingly the case for digital publishers; as few have been able to harness the power of their data to adapt true machine learning principles to their web properties. Below, we have compiled some long-term data for several sites that have implemented these principles over the last few years.

machine learning website traffic monetization

In this study, I’ll review the data of 5 different websites that have been using the power of true machine learning (not algorithmic principles) to adjust layouts and ad positions on their websites for over +2 years. What you’ll see in this data is a direct correlation between the ability to adapt and learn from user behavior, and the opportunity for publishers to leverage that data to improve website traffic monetization while increasing natural website traffic.

What’s most significant about the information in this quick study is just how dramatic the results were for each publisher despite the criteria we used for selecting these 5 publishers (which is described below). At the end, I’ll summarize key takeaways, offer additional insights, and provide some actionable tips.

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Website Traffic Behavior That Impacts Total Session Revenue

The Website Traffic Behavior That Impacts Total Session Revenue

A website visitor’s experience — once they land on a digital property — is the supreme currency that the digital publishing industry is built upon. The ability for quality digital publishers to exist with longevity, and to profitably grow their businesses, relies on positive website traffic behaviors. The problem is that publishers are often torpedoing these experiences and apparently don’t even know it — according to recent research.

compare website visitor experiences

Those website visitor experiences are correlated to traffic volume, total ad revenue, and the overall brand image of that digital property in the minds of readers. Most publishers agree, these experiences are paramount; however, a lot emerging research is showing that publishers are often doing a very poor job of responding to bad user experiences by showing website traffic too many ads, delivering poor navigation, and treating every user the same.

Below, I’ll review what new data is telling us about visitor experiences and how publishers are responding to this information. The new info outlines exactly why certain publishers may be missing visitor signals that are driving down traffic and revenue. Additionally, I’ll show you the trick for ensuring that you’re always progressively improving visitor experiences that correlate directly with revenue.  

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Which WordPress Themes Work Best For Programmatic Publishers

Which WordPress Themes Work Best For Programmatic Publishers

Personally, I own and operate dozens and dozens of different WordPress websites. Additionally, Ezoic works with thousands of publishers using WordPress worldwide. They all serve different audiences and have different goals, but the purpose of this post is to tell you about what makes some more successful than others when using this CMS.

the best wordpress theme for programmatic publishers

One of the great features of the WordPress platform is how easy it is to interchange layouts by applying different themes. However, this also creates a paradox of choice: which WordPress theme is best for all the potential types of websites, blogs, and digital properties?

Below, I’ll be specifically reviewing what data says about identifying the best WordPress themes for ad-driven and programmatic publishers. This means focusing on website owners who derive the majority of their revenue from displaying ads on their articles and pages. I’ll discuss the role that layouts play in total ad revenue and discuss how different strategies affect session revenue.

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