Month: January 2016

Mobile App Development

Use Ezoic’s iOS app creator to build a mobile app of your website for only $4.99/month. The benefits of having an app are numerous: Grow your number of loyal users Generate another stream of revenue Stay ahead of the...

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Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is an outreach and marketing tool used by many companies to further promote a product or brand. In essence, an affiliate program “recruits recruiters” that then go...

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The Effect of Ad Color on Ad Performance

How ad color affects ad performance Ad color has now been proven to be extremely important in online advertising and publishing. It is one of the most immediate forms of communication — and can be used to improve the way your...

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App Store Optimization

Tips to Get Your App Noticed As you may have noticed, there is a consistent trend towards people spending more time browsing on their mobile devices than on computers. Additionally, those who are browsing on their phones tend to...

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Publisher Tools

Tools to assess and improve your website The web is filled with tons of tools to help provide quality insight to your website. Today, I will cover a few that are especially useful! 1) Semrush Semrush is a really helpful tool...

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