The Effect of User Experience on AdSense Revenue

The Relationship Between AdSense Revenue and User Experienceadsense revenue


The importance of user experience in relation to advertising revenue, and specifically AdSense revenue, can sometimes be underestimated. We know that the way to increase your advertising revenue is not to simply pack your site full of ads, as these can dilute each other. Not only that, but a site chock full of ads may put off users from spending a lot of time on your site, or revisiting it at another time.

Google’s number one point in their list of truths is ‘focus on the user and all else will follow’. So what affects user experience (and consequently your ad revenue)? Continue reading “The Effect of User Experience on AdSense Revenue”

What is RPM?

What is RPM? 

RPM stands for rate per mille (mille = 1,000). Confusing, right?  Mille is a standard term used in the advertising space to describe 1,0o0 impressions. RPM is a metric used commonly by AdSense and other advertising platforms to convey the paid rate for 1,000 ad impressions (usually on a  website or blog).

what is rpm - rate per mille

The number of acronyms used in the advertising and publishing world continues to skyrocket. Although acronyms are an effective way of conveying a lot of information in a few letters, getting comfortable with so many terms can get a little overwhelming.

One of the most common questions about these acronyms is what is RPM — we’ll dive deeper into how this metric is used and who uses it below. Continue reading “What is RPM?”