3 Website Redesign Tips That Will Triumph In 2018

3 Website Redesign Tips That Will Triumph In 2018

As someone who has been building, managing, and growing websites for more than a decade, there are few things that scare me more than a website redesign. Nothing has the ability to cause more headaches and ruin more hard work than unnecessarily messing up a healthy web property.

3 Website Redesign Tips That Will Triumph In 2018

Yet… the web was built on content creators and media publishers changing and improving the way they deliver content to readers. This is the reason why we read content off of phones now instead of newspapers. So, what website redesign tips can we use to mitigate an all-out disaster?

Below, I’ll share a few hacks, tips, and strategies that will work really well heading into 2018. We’ll look at some of what the latest data is telling us about visitor behavior and how we can use that information to make our web properties better places to browse.

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Google Search Hack For Increasing Organic CTR & Keyword Traffic

Google Search Hack For Increasing Organic CTR & Total Keyword Traffic

What if I told you that more people were using Google search than ever before. Now, what if I told you that searchers are also clicking on less organic results than ever before. It almost doesn’t seem possible, right? Yet, both of these statements are true. Google search is experiencing an all-time low in organic CTR (click through rate); meaning that searchers are less likely to click on organic query results than ever before.

google search results hack for organic ctr increase

But why? Well, Google has introduced a lot of recent changes to their SERP (search engine results page). This has led to a reduction in the number of clicks available to organic results. Things like Knowledge Graph, the news carousel, images, shopping, and improved AdWords features have taken a real bite out of organic CTR for most high-volume keywords.

While this information might be scary to some publishers, understanding this data can actually open the door for some pretty exciting new opportunities to acquire Google search traffic. Below, I’ll highlight an expert-level hack for increasing organic CTR and increasing the amount of traffic you bring to your website for all of your underperforming keywords.

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