How To Market Content With Promoted Tweets

Market Content With Promoted Tweets On Twitter

There are a lot of emerging ways for websites, publishers, and content producers to advertise their content to their desired audience. One of the most undervalued ways of doing this is through promoted tweets on Twitter. Top content producers have been continually surprised regarding the cost-effectiveness of their returns on Twitter.

promoted tweets on twitter

We talked a lot about how to market your site and content, ethically — and for free — here. However, there are some major benefits of paying for additional promotion through some of the major social media platforms. For many, Twitter’s promoted tweets may actually end up offering the best value.

The secret is knowing how to setup effective, data-driven campaigns. Digital agencies and marketing gurus charge a ton of money to help people do this stuff, but I’m going to show you how to do this yourself below. I’ll give you the basics of how to create an effective cost effective campaign that exposes your content to your ideal reader so that they become regular visitors, make you more money, or help your content go viral.

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Digital Advertising Trends For Publishers In 2017

Digital Advertising Trends For Publishers

Online publishers and site owners are currently in the midst of some major changes. Digital advertising trends have shifted dramatically over the last decade — and even more so over the last 3 years. And, the current climate tells us that these shifts are likely to continue.

digital advertising trends

My podcast partner John Cole and I recently discussed 12 of the trends we expect will emerge in 2017 for site owners, ad ops pro’s, and website owners (episode #11 available on iTunes). In this article, I will break down each of those 12 trends and provide some tips on how publishers may be able to benefit from this forward insight.

These are not your ordinary cookie cutter digital ad trends and publishing industry changes. The info below comes straight from John and I and our combined 30 years of experience in this space and our exclusive access to partners like Google.

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How To Measure If Content is Quality Content

Measure If Content is Quality Content

Content, content. Everyone tells you to produce great content and that Content is King. But how do you really know that what you’re writing — or having your staff or freelancers write — is actually quality content? You can’t simply conclude that if it’s producing engagement it’s good content, because as we know from the fake news epidemic on social media, click-bait can generate clicks and still be without worth. Not only that, but really good content can produce low engagement too, depending on theme and topic.

measuring quality content

In this article, I thought it’d be a good time to stop and help you assess your content, to offer up some guidelines for producing great quality content, and offer some advice for testing yours to see if it can be improved.

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Guide: Setting Up Google DFP for Publishers

Setting Up Google DFP

Many online publishers and site owners wish to setup Google DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers). The primary reason for this is that there are lots of ad networks that compete against each other for a publisher’s ad inventory inside of Google Ad Exchange (AdX); which is available to publishers through Google DFP. This is appealing to site owners and publishers because they want to earn the greatest amount possible on their ad inventory (ad space on their site). Google’s Ad Exchange provides a fair auction process that is attractive to just about every major publisher on the planet.

google dfp for publishers

There’s typically two issues that publisher often run into when setting up Google DFP — Google doesn’t approve just anyone to join the Google Ad Exchange and the configuration of Google DFP for publishers is not without its complexities.

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How To Do An FTC Disclosure On Your Website

Doing An FTC Disclosure On Your Website

Ever gotten something for free in return for writing about it? Maybe a company you work with doesn’t charge you because you help spread the good word about them in social media? Heck, do you ever get paid to write about, video or share your thoughts and impressions of products or services from companies? These things may need FTC disclosure, but don’t worry, that may be a good thing for your site.

ftc disclosure on your website

In all those cases you are required by law to disclose your relationship with the firm. In the United States, it’s the Federal Trade Commission that enforces these consumer protection measures, but most every country around the world has a similar requirement. Without it, you can only imagine the fake testimonials, bogus reviews, and laudatory write-ups companies could obtain with even the smallest investment.

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Pagespeed Insights For A Site’s SEO & UX

Pagespeed Insights For SEO & UX

Website pagespeed has become one of the hottest and most discussed topics among publishers and site owners over the last few years. With the rise of mobile and backing from Google, there is a new era of pagespeed obsession taking place. But, which pagespeed insights are most important and what is Google really looking at when they talk about site speed.

Read my manifesto on actionably improving website page speed here.

google pagespeed insights trends
Googe trends for the term “pagespeed

Since the launch of Google Pagespeed Tools and the hard push from Google regarding the need for faster pages, publishers and site owners have been doing everything they can to shave seconds off of their page load speed. Unfortunately, most sites really don’t understand how pagespeed actually works, how Google measures it, or how it is impacting modern SEO.

In the text below, I’ll give you examples of how pagespeed is affecting your search results (HINT: It is absolutely not the way you think it is). As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, I’ll share with you the little-known details regarding how Google is looking at your pagespeed and how you can avoid common measurement pitfalls. Continue reading “Pagespeed Insights For A Site’s SEO & UX”

Ad Networks Selection Process & Evaluation Guide

Ad Networks Selection Process & Evaluation Guide

You’re probably looking into the best ad networks because you want to find a way to earn more money from your current website. There’s a lot to consider. This space is convoluted and grows more complex every day. Achieving higher CPM’s — or much more importantly — higher EPMV is actually more difficult than just swapping ad networks in and out.

best ad networks

Below, we’ll walk you through a step by step guide for selecting the best ad networks, ad exchanges, and ad partner considerations to help you earn more ad revenue on your website. This is information is unbiased; as we are not an ad network or an exchange, and we actually own thousands of sites ourselves and have worked with tons of these different entities.

I will lay out exactly what you should watch out for with even the best ad networks and how you can ultimately come out with a winning ad solution on your website.

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How Long Does It Take To Make Money From Websites?

How To Make Money From Websites? (A True Story)

Back in the early days of the ‘net, people would publish and manage Web sites out of the sheer joy of sharing information and knowledge. Knowing you had readers — and if it was a blog — garnering comments and feedback from visitors was just the proverbial icing on the cake. The imperative was share, share! Information wants to be free! So how long did it take me to make money from websites that I built?

How Long Does It Take To Make Money From Websites?

As the Internet and the World Wide Web grew up, information publishers found themselves turning into budding entrepreneurs and asking the fundamental business question: how do I make money from my website, ad how do websites make money… IN GENERAL???

The drive to generate revenue — to “monetize” — your site and site traffic requires making some changes to your site architecture, publishing schedule, and even the topics you cover, and that’s been a stumbling block for many. The greatest obstacle; however, has been persistence — setting realistic expectations of what kind of revenue you can see in 30 days, 90 days, 6 months and even 12 months after starting your efforts to produce online income. This is what I experienced and what you might be able to expect…

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Measure Online Ad Rates vs Your Site Revenue

Measure Online Ad Rates vs. Your Site

One of the hardest secrets to uncover  if you’re a publisher or site owner is what other sites are actually earning from their display or programmatic ads. This is a closely guarded black box; with many ad partners forbidding outward data-sharing. This means a lot of publishers are left guessing on what current ad rates are. This can be dangerous and frustrating.

It’s one of the most common questions across ad ops and site owner forums across the web, “are ad rates down for everyone, or just me”? That question usually meets a stalemate because there are so many factors involved and no publisher is outwardly sharing all of their ad revenue data (yikes, why would they).

online ad rates

That’s why the new Ad Revenue Index — that finally sheds some light on all of this — is so great for site owners and publishers. No longer do we have to guess about ad rates. We can finally see if changes on our sites are in concordance with marketplace trends or more specific to our individual sites. It’s publically available and you can view it by clicking the link above.

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Seasonal Advertising Trends That Affect Site Earnings

Seasonal Advertising Trends

Most people reading this article are probably trying to figure out if fluctuations in their site’s ad earnings are the results of normal seasonal advertising trends — or something more sinister occurring on their own site. Luckily, there’s been enough data accumulating for years to directly determine what seasonal trends look like. Below are resources to visualize and evaluate seasonal advertising trends. They will help you discern whether or not your site is being affected by these global changes.

seasonal ads index

I will also post several key things that you can do on your site to minimize risks associated with seasonality drops in your site’s earnings. These tips are commonly overlooked by sites and can mitigate seasonality lulls and help contribute to greater overall earnings in the long term as well.

If you’re trying to troubleshoot what you think might be a non-seasonal drop in ad earnings, you should read this comprehensive guide that outlines a way of truly determining the cause.

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