Entrepreneur Shares Secret To Website Revenue Growth

Website Revenue Growth: Secrets from Bill Phelan

Often, online entrepreneurs who make a large portion of income from websites, don’t openly share their monetization process. It makes sense, some of their knowledge is proprietary and sharing it could potentially reduce opportunities for them in the future. Bill Phelan, the CEO of Bright Hub, is a bit different. Recently, he spoke at the Google Certified Publishing Partner – Publisher Forum, and shared all of his nitty gritty secrets for website revenue growth.

bill phelan on website revenue growth

Below is a summary of the highlights from the conversation he had with Piper Lofrano. He discusses the history of his site, his early struggles with monetization, what he changed to help grow revenue, and how he now approaches his content and his entire site team.

Bill shares rare transparency regarding his website revenue growth and his transformative thinking about ad operations. This is a great read/watch for sites of all shapes and sizes that earn money from ad revenue.
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Ethically Sharing Content To Earn Ad Revenue

Learn the secret to sharing content to earn ad revenue

Good websites of all shapes and sizes usually have one thing in common, great content. Whether a site is new and still growing, or well established and expanding it’s readership, exposing interested parties to your content is key to attracting new visitors to your site. However, many are toiling away without key secrets for sharing content. These ethical tips could quickly expedite many of their efforts and generate more ad revenue and more web traffic.

sharing content ethically and effectively

The term ethical is a really important distinction here. As most sites are aware, earning good quality visitors through an ethical means is the most sustainable way to grow a site’s following. Shortcuts and other blackhat methods of traffic attraction can be short-lived and short-sided. To grow a sustainable site that generates growing ad revenue, you will need to find proven, ethical ways for sharing content.

Below, I’ll highlight some ways that I have used (and seen other top publishers use) to dramatically increase traffic in less than 30 days. These methods can be used for both long-term and short-term growth. Ultimately, these ways of sharing content can be a valuable investment of any site owner or publishers time. Continue reading “Ethically Sharing Content To Earn Ad Revenue”

The Web Traffic That Produces The Most Value Per Visitor

What Traffic Produces The Most Value Per Visitor?

Both newbies and veterans of the blogging and online world have a simple measure of site success that they start with, web traffic. Generally, the more traffic you have, the more successful your site will be. Easy enough, and heck, you can even use one of those retro counters to show people that they’re visitor XXX to your site. But, as your site matures — and you start earning some serious ad revenue — you may find yourself wondering, what kind of web traffic is actually delivering me the most per visitor?

web traffic that delivers the most value per visitor

Now to be fair, this isn’t limited to people new to the web, this same love of raw numbers pervades the entire marketing world too, where influencer marketing companies pay more if you have more Twitter followers, more friends on Instagram, more fans on Facebook and, of course, lots of raw traffic to your website. Even knowing that you can buy fans, friends and followers!

To learn about how to identify your highest earning ad clickers and attract more of them, check out this article instead…

Let’s set the record straight: website traffic is all about quality, not quantity. So, how do you identify quality — and just how relative is that term, anyway?

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How To Easily Grow Web Traffic Globally

Easily Grow Web Traffic Globally

Too many website publishers believe that the Internet is comprised of only residents of the United States. Some may even extend that to English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, but the rest of the world? They’re not online, are they? 

how to grow web traffic globally

In the text below I will highlight opportunities for publishers to grow traffic, ad revenue, and their sites brand internationally. I’ll show you how any site can easily grow web traffic globally using some pretty basic principles.

If you’re looking for ways to simply grow organic traffic, try this article on making posts that rank better or this post on getting old content to rank higher.

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Native Ads vs Display Ads

Native Ads vs Display Ads and Performance Dilution

Native ads, sometimes known as ‘recommended content’, or ‘promoted stories’ are a way of advertising content in a way that is ‘native’ to its environment. Different than traditional banner or display ads, which are clearly separate from the content, native ads will attempt to mimic the surrounding articles and pages. They can be a great tool to increase engagement with your site’s advertising, and when used properly, can be great for income. However, it’s important to strike a balance between your native ads vs display ads (we dive deep into how to do this here).

native ads vs display ads

In the breakdown below, we will highlight exactly how publishers should approach native ads and display ads on their site.

The New York Times recently wrote an article on the negative impact that native ads can have on branding and credibility; however, the big piece missing was how publishers should actually be seeking to find a balance with native ads vs display ads. Publishers should find balance with native ads so that the monetary benefits can be achieved without affecting the user’s experience on your site? It’s actually easier than you might think… Continue reading “Native Ads vs Display Ads”

How Internet Ads Work & How To Make Money Using Them

How do internet ads work?

Most successful site owners and online publishers understand — in a general sense — how internet ads work. However, the advertising technology (adtech) space is extremely complex and can be difficult to understand. The intention of this is to break down exactly how web based adverting works and to uncover the things that site owners and publishers can actually do to make more money without sacrificing their sites integrity.

how internet ads work

In the text below I will show you how internet-based advertising and online ads generate website ad revenue, and why the adtech space is so complex and dangerous for publishers.

I’ll further explain all the variables you can actually control to make money using ads on your site. If you have a website or are a site owner, I promise there is information below that will probably be new to you. Continue reading “How Internet Ads Work & How To Make Money Using Them”

Strategies to Help You Monetize Your Site in 2017

Monetize Your Site in 2017

You’ve got a website, check. You publish solid content with frequency, check. You even share your posts on social media when they go live, eager to reap those social signals. It’s working too: you’re starting to see growth in your traffic, with your monthly numbers moving solidly into the 5-6 digit range. Now, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to best monetize your site (Hint: there are a lot of people pulling you in a lot of different directions).

monetize your site 2017

To monetize that traffic — and have visitors help you turn that site into a revenue center — you’re going to really need to start educating yourself around several really important principles. And, none are more important than what technologies and strategies you deploy. Still building that traffic? Try this article on creating content that ranks highly.

In this article, I’m going to share some technologies and strategies that can help you best monetize your site on a per-visitor basis. Regardless of what your site’s about, however, remember that good content still wins the day. Also, ensure that you decide how you want to generate revenue because there are lots more options than just banner or display advertisements. Continue reading “Strategies to Help You Monetize Your Site in 2017”

How UX Massively Influences Website Revenue

How UX Truly Impacts Website Revenue

Imagine you go to a website and you find it difficult to locate what you’re looking for. The world of cyberspace is big and easy to navigate quickly. You — like all other users — will leave the difficult site and go off in search of the information you seek elsewhere. This is why user experience (UX) is so important, and it’s no wonder, that we’ve found that UX has an absolutely staggering impact website revenue.

UX and website revenue

Let me explain. UX is not the design of your site — this is a misconception we will touch on later — it’s the ease at which your users can access and engage with elements of your site. The better the experience, the more revenue the site earns; however, these two things are often thought of as separate.

In the information below, I will reveal some of the most critical UX elements that our research has shown to have the big impacts on website revenue. We’ll show you what changes you can make to increase your site earnings both short and long-term. Continue reading “How UX Massively Influences Website Revenue”

Preparing For Mobile Search Optimization In 2017

Mobile Search Optimization In 2017

Ah, the good old days of computing, when everyone had a big box under their desk and you knew that their screen would be 800×600 or, if they were really on the cutting edge, your website visitor would have a higher resolution XVGA screen at 1024 x 768. Now, we’re talking about mobile search optimization for literally thousands of devices.

mobile search optimization 2017

Even back in the early days, web publishers faced the challenge of dealing with a diverse user technology base, but we just didn’t realize it at the time. VGA vx XVGA vs UXGA forced page designers to make some tough choices about layout and browbeat a generation of online advertisers into specific ad banner and ad medallion sizes. Now, mobile search optimization has taken that complexity to a whole other level.

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How Google AdSense Policy Is Actually Enforced

How Does Google Really Enforce AdSense Policy?

Now, I know that Google AdSense policy is not the most entertaining or exciting subject on the planet. However, it is dramatically important for online publishers who use AdSense and collect regular revenue from the service.

google adsense policy violations

The internet is filled with site owners who have been banned for AdSense policy violations — many of them without understanding why. This is why we felt it was so important to lay out a guide to how Google typically enforces its AdSense policy.

Below, you will see real-world examples of things that will get you flagged, things you can get away with, and AdSense policy violations that will — 100% of the time — get you banned.

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