Ways For Websites To Attract Higher Paying Advertisers

3 Ways For Websites To Attract Higher Paying Advertisers

Website owners and content creators are typically seeking two important things from advertisers that display ads on their web properties.

  • Quality brands that are relevant to visitors
  • High paying advertisers

3 Ways For Websites To Attract Higher Paying Advertisers

The problem is that many content publishers don’t know how to directly influence or attract this kind of advertising.

Outside of trying to sell direct deals to advertisers themselves (costly, and often requires sales teams), online content creators often don’t understand that the ads that show in display ads on their website can be directly influenced by actions and behaviors that they themselves control!

Below, I’ll show you how to control and improve the quality of competition for your ad inventory (space on your website for advertisements) using several different strategies.

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3 Insights To Help You To Make Money From Websites

Make Money From Websites Using These 3 Insights

Being an online content creator has never been easier. With the development of easy-to-use publishing platforms and simple lightweight technologies, publishers have mass potential at their fingertips. However, understanding how to make money from websites in this environment is becoming growingly complex.

tips for make money from websites

Understanding all the different ways that websites make money can help content creators shape and develop strategies that fit their goals, audience, and bandwidth.

Unfortunately, executing on these strategies is becoming harder and harder as the platforms, advertisers, and the conglomeration of major media sites grow in their sophistication.

Below, I will highlight 3 rarely discussed insights that will help content creators of all types, kinds, and skill levels improve the way they make money from websites.

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Do You Need An Ad Ops Team?

Do You Need An Ad Ops Team?

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’ve built yourself a website and decided to try and make some money. That may be where you’ve encountered the idea of an ad ops team.

do you need an ad ops team

For a lot of online publishers, the catalyst to start a website be the fact that you’ve read somewhere that people can make money by publishing content online, and maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “I’d like to make money! How do I do that?!”

One of the easiest, most sustainable, and highest paying ways to do this is to display ads on your property to generate ad earnings. How ads are configured on your site can make a huge difference in the amount of revenue generated.

Enter the world of Ad Operations.

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Content Monetization Tips From Top Publishers

Content Monetization Tips From Top Publishers & Experts

In a lot of ways, we are entering the golden age of digital publishing. Advertisers, brands, and even consumers are pulling their attention further away from traditional media sources; positioning online content creators front and center. This means greater opportunities to monetize digital content.

However, some of these opportunities can be more fruitful than others.

content monetization tips

We recently had a chance to connect with hundreds of successful content creators at Pubtelligence — hosted at Google offices in New York — and were able to ask them, and some of the other experts in attendance, about their best content monetization tips.

Below, I’ll highlight the most repeated answers and the most insightful content monetization tips that they shared.

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AMP vs. PWAs: Which is Better AMP or Progressive Web Apps?

AMP vs. PWAs: Which is Better AMP or Progressive Web Apps?

We all know that mobile use is growing and changing the face of digital publishing. Platforms like Google won’t let us forget it. This has led to the development of a handful of new technologies designed to deliver visitors faster, richer mobile experiences. This includes things like Google’s AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and PWAs (progressive web applications).

amp vs pwa apps

Here, I’ll dive into a recent presentation from Google’s, Ben Morss. Ben spoke about AMP vs. PWAs at Pubtelligence — which was hosted at Google offices in New York in early 2018.

Ben discussed the differences between these two emerging mobile technologies and highlighted where there may be room for them to potentially co-exist.

I’ll break down his presentation and summarize:

  1. The differences between AMP and PWAs
  2. Which is better for your website
  3. How they could work together
  4. How to put one or both into action on your site or blog

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