How To Make Your Website Ads More Valuable To Advertisers

How To Make Your Website Ads More Valuable To Advertisers

The publishing industry figured out a great revenue model long before digital publishing was ever a thing. Publishers provided readers with great content, advertisers paid the publishers to display ads, the readers got free content in exchange for viewing some ads along the way. Once website ads came along the model has pretty much stayed intact; however, the mechanisms for executing these relationships have changed a lot.

increase monetization for website ads and google ads

If you’re a publisher, website owner, or blogger that makes money from ads on your site there are really only two broad metrics you should care about — how much your readers love your content AND the amount of value your digital property is bringing to advertisers. While it seems like these two things are in constant conflict, they are often aligned.

Below, I’ll share with you some core strategies, case studies, and metrics that you can use RIGHT NOW to increase the value of the ads appearing on your website. This includes programmatic ads, Google ads, or any other kind of ads that are displayed on your site. Let’s dig in…

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How Website Owners Find Publishing News They Trust

How Website Owners Find Publishing News They Trust

Whether you’re just starting out with the adventure of being an online publisher or you’ve been rockin’ the Web for years, we all face the same dilemma of where to get our news and industry-specific information. Making this more complicated, we live in an era of fake news, rumors, and plain-old spin that spreads so fast that it can take on a life of its own. Even if a particular topic is nonsense from the get-go.

publishing news website owners

This means that every website owner is hoping to quash the fake news while being fast and on top of the latest trends and information relevant to surviving in this industry. Yeah, that’s a challenge, all right, and it can be quite hard to try and be first to publish something really interesting!

This week, I thought it would be helpful for me to talk about what sources I use to keep followers of my tech site up to date with news, gadgets and tech, and how I research articles and topics once they hit my radar. I should highlight that the site isn’t a news site, per se, but our social feed includes lots of consumer electronics, tech, and industry news. Gotta feed the beast, right?

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Guide For Content Creators On How To Waste Time

Guide For Content Creators On How To Waste Time

I remember the first time I bumped into author Tim Ferriss. We were both speaking at a conference and he rushed past me; he was running late and needed to get to his podium. Later I saw him dash out and head to his next appointment. Turned out that the author you would think would be more mellow and efficient than any of us — after all, he wrote “The Four-Hour Work Week” — was hustling like no-one’s business.

content creators waste time

That’s because he was dealing with something we all have to manage, whether we’re the CEO of a newly funded startup, a coder fighting a customer fire, or manager of a Website that publishes articles about gem collecting: time wasters.

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Preparing For Google Algorithm Changes In 2018+

Preparing For Google Algorithm Changes In 2018+

Recently, I had the opportunity to host an event at Google in San Francisco called, Pubtelligence. It brought together a diverse mix of digital publishers of all shapes, sizes, and experience-levels. At this event, no speaker captured the attention of everyone in the audience quite like Illya Grigorik, a member of Google’s webmaster team (Search). He discussed how publishers should be preparing for Google algorithm, and search ranking changes, in 2018 and beyond.

google Algorithm changes 2018 search

This came as no surprise. Google’s search algorithm and webmaster practices are the subject of constant rumors, news, and evaluation. This is all for good reason. Publishers rely on Google’s search product to help them drive visitors to their properties. Businesses have been built and conquered on the search giant’s shifts in algorithm changes in the past, and no one wants to fall behind.

Below, I’ll discuss all the important things that Illya Grigorik covered in his presentation. I’ll also read between the lines on a few things he discussed and shared with everyone present. Furthermore, I’ll boil it all down to a few clear directives for digital publishers that want to ensure they are staying ahead of shifts and trends in Google search changes.

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Publisher Shares Challenges Ahead For Website Owners

Publisher Shares Challenges Ahead For Website Owners

The future is bright, we’re all getting more connected and people are spending more and more time online, right? Yes, but… but when I look in my crystal ball, I see a future where there are also more technological improvements that will prove a to be obstacles to actually generating revenue as an online publisher.

website owners challenges

How do you circumvent the challenges and stay ahead as a website owner or independent publisher. Let’s have a look at a few of the items on my mind…

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Data Reveals The Value of Visitor Engagement for Publishers

Data Reveals The Value of Visitor Engagement

Having website visitors that are engaged with content is paramount to publishers that value the longevity of their digital properties. As more and more research emerges about the impact of things like user experience and visitor behavior, the more we are learning about the bottom line value of the metrics that are associated with these factors.

visitor engagement and visitor behavior for websites

With more being learned about visitor behavior and intent, we are starting to understand exactly what elements are providing the most value to all the parties involved. Phenomenons like Fake UX have become the subject of popular news articles and studies recently.

Below, we will summarize information and data from a recent case study and presentation at Pubtelligence — which was recently hosted at Google in San Francisco. The presentation focused on exactly what metrics are most closely aligned with authentic visitor engagement and improvements in digital revenue.

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