Switching to using SSL on your Website (A First-Hand Account)

Switching to using SSL on your Website (A First-Hand Account)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) used to be just for shopping sites, online stores and other pages where confidential information was being requested from the user. In fact, a common site architecture had everything being served up as regular “http” pages and a switch to “store” or “shop” marked a switch to a different site that was secure and encrypted. Fast forward to the modern day, and using SSL on your website is recommended by Google for all sites.

using ssl to make your website https

The message has been coming out of Google for a couple of years now: switch your entire site to being secure and using “https” or we just won’t trust you and will eventually rank other sites ahead of you because they’re using SSL and you’re not.  The SEO types might have spun that as “make your site all SSL and see a ranking boost” but it’s the same idea.

A year ago I jumped on the bandwagon and tried to switch my popular Ask Dave Taylor site to be all-SSL. Who wouldn’t be motivated by the prospect of a ranking boost for something so simple? Except it wasn’t so simple, and I gave up for almost a year.

Recently, I recommitted myself to the effort and was finally able to accomplish the task of making my website ‘https’ using SSL. Here’s how I did it…

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Increase Your Content Ranking In Search Results

Increase the Probability of Your Content Ranking In Search Results

No matter what kind of blog or website you have, it’s likely that your site will strongly benefit from content that ranks well in organic search results. Unfortunately, many publishers continue to create content without ever knowing if they will strike content ranking gold or not.

The truth is that it’s actually pretty easy to write content that will most likely rank highly for search terms in your niche with a high monthly search volume. Yet I would guess that 90% of websites do this incorrectly. The key is research, data gathering, and diligent execution.

content ranking in search results

Below, I’ll show you how to do front-end content research that will allow you to write content for targeted keywords with a high monthly search volume. I’ll also share my secrets for ensuring that you actually end up ranking for those keywords so that you don’t waste your time (like millions of others are as we speak).

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How To Find Writers For Your Blog or Website

How To Find Writers For Your Blog or Website

I wish I could tell you that blogging – or writing for a website – is like writing a great novel and that you can take your time and produce one or two masterpieces of great prose a month and you’ll do great. If you’re already famous then perhaps you can do just that, carefully editing and crafting the perfect blog entry that your millions of fans eagerly consume when published.

I could tell you that. But I’d be lying.

how to find writers for your blog or website

Turns out that like a lot of things in life, blogging success comes just as much from quantity as quality and that your site will work better if you can publish more content. If the content is uniformly excellent quality, that’s great, but even if it’s “B” level work and you’re posting regularly, you’ll have better results – more traffic, more shares – than if you are not a regular content producer.

Below, I’ll share with you how to find writers for your blog or website that can produce great content that produces true ROI for your efforts. 

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Will My New Website Make Money Or Not?

Will My New Website Make Money Or Not?

It’s a nerdy party game: brainstorm crazy domain names with friends, register them and create new Web sites. Will that website make money? You can have dozens, or even hundreds of sites, and gosh, if each one earned just $100/mo you could be an online publishing millionaire!

website make money

I know, I’ve played just such a game at conferences where we all joke about a site, I realize that it’s actually a good idea, and for $10 go and register the associated domain. Then reality sets in and I never do anything with it. A year later I don’t renew the domain and it goes back into the domain pool, ready for someone else to do something amazing with it. Or do nothing.

But what constitutes a good Web site idea? What concepts are so solid that they’re well worth the time and cost of pursuing, whether it’s a few hours and that $10 domain investment, or it’s a substantial undertaking that’ll require fundraising and a few key hires?

Well, it depends…

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The Google Penalty For Mobile Pop Ups On Your Website

Summary of The Google Penalty For Mobile Pop Ups On Your Website

It was announced in January of 2017 that Google had officially rolled out their “interstitial penalty” for websites using mobile interstitials (you can read more about interstitials here). What this essentially boils down to for most sites is a Google penalty for mobile pop ups.

google penalty for mobile pop-ups

This was widely reported but wasn’t necessarily properly emphasized to the millions of site owners and publishers who use mobile pop ups on their website. Much of the news related to this Google penalty was directed at interstitial ads that publisher might display. However, in implementation, Google appears to be penalizing all website that use any kind of content covering pop-up on their site (including newsletter sign-ups and other common types of “on-scroll” pop ups).

Below I’ll highlight how this Google penalty for mobile pop ups is working and outline exactly what you should do about it so that you don’t get burned.

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Grammar Help For Online Publishers & Website Owners

Grammar Help For Online Publishers & Website Owners

You know how to do keyword research, you have great original art and graphics, and your design is both gorgeous and SEO friendly. Nice. But, your time-on-site (or session duration) still isn’t very good and you fear it’s hurting your Google results. What’s wrong? You may need grammar help.

grammar help for blogs

The problem could be a simple one: you’re paying too darn much attention to the search engines and too little attention to the actual people who come to your site and read your content. You know, actual humans. They not only want good topics, but expect good grammar and engaging writing too.

In this article, I’m going to dig into how to produce engaging writing that keeps your readers on-page and offer up some basic grammar help too. Because it turns out that well written is important. Don’t believe me? Hit up some of those fly-by-night websites and try to actually read the weird, stilted and typically “spun” articles they’re using just for SEO.

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Using Moz’s Keyword Finder To Improve Your Content’s SEO

Using Moz’s Keyword Finder To Improve Your Content

One of my favorite things to do is to show publishers and website owners how to use the bevy of useful tools available to them out on the web. As I recently did with MailChimp (and using it as a makeshift marketing automation tool), I thought it would be appropriate to do the same with a keyword finder; as I use keyword tools to do much more than content research.

moz keyword finder - keyword explorer

In this case, I’ll be talking about the Moz Keyword Explorer. A fairly new tool available from the popular SEO software company. Keyword Explorer is actually free to use on a limited basis (you get 5 queries a month for free). However, if you use it correctly it can be much more than just a keyword research tool.

Below, I’ll show you how to use this tool to…

  • Write content that is more likely to generate organic traffic over time
  • Write content that is more likely to rank for multiple keywords
  • Improve existing content so that it garners more organic traffic

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Using A Readability Score To Rank Higher In Organic Search

Using A Readability Score To Rank Higher

Your ability to rank highly in the results for a given search is a function of a lot of different factors, as you already know. Site traffic, inbound links, social network shares, age of your domain, quality of your HTML code all play a factor. But did you know that the complexity of your prose is a factor too and that this can be measured by a readability score?

readability score

While Google recently dropped reading level as a search filter, suggesting that it might not be something that people use to look for content, that doesn’t mean it’s still not a factor in how content ranks in search results. Readability determines if people will actually spend time on your site, visit other pages, or bounce; which are certainly ranking factors.

So, how do you make stuff readable, what is a readability score, and how do you optimize for it?

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How To Use MailChimp To Automatically Market Your Website

How To Use MailChimp To Market Your Website

Website owners and online publishers are always looking for effective ways to drive more traffic to their site and market their content to existing users. Marketing automation is a great way to do this. However, very few sites invest in marketing automation tools (due to their high-cost). In this blog, I’ll show you how to use MailChimp as powerful, free marketing automation tool for your website.

how to use mailchimp as a marketing automation system

Marketing automation is an absolute must for just about anyone involved modern marketing, yet very few websites have implemented the marketing processes that marketing automation systems support. In the post below, I’ll show you how I have successfully used a free MailChimp account to duplicate the most valuable processes provided by expensive marketing automation systems.

I have used just about every best of breed (BoB) marketing automation system on the market (Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua), and can I tell you that in most cases, website owners and publishers will be able to extract far more value out of the processes I will show below than they ever could from one of those big expensive enterprise systems.

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How To Create Highly Shareable Content

Create Highly Shareable Content Ideas

Way back when they were grad students at Stanford, two guys named Larry and Sergey were exploring how links could be used as the basis of a quality measure for Web pages. They figured that if a page gets incoming links from other pages that it has to be pretty decent. Tally them all up and popularity begets quality. Zoom forward and the two of them did pretty well founding a company called Google, but as that’s exploded into a blue chip stock, their algorithm needed to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing World Wide Web.

shareable content ideas

Today, people no longer show their appreciation for a Web page by linking to it from their own Web pages, MySpace profiles or diary-like blog posts. Nope, nowadays the big buzzword is “social signals” and it’s all about people both engaging with your content and sharing it on their social networks.

That’s true whether you target Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus (which is still alive, reports of its imminent demise to the contrary), Pinterest or similar.

Which leads to the obvious dilemma for any information publisher in 2017: How can you create shareable content for your visitors and readers? 

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