How To Select Ad Placements That Work

Select Ad Placements That Work

Finding ad placements that can earn strong revenue without annoying visitors is considered the holy grail for many publishers. User behavior on the web is shifting on nearly a daily basis, and the ability to implement the best ads is a challenge that is getting harder and harder to manage. Below we’ll show you exactly how you can scale the process of testing and identifying ad placements that will work better than others.

It’s extremely important to remember that showing ads on your site is not just about which placements, sizes, etc. can earn you the most revenue per click. Sometimes, these high earning ads can cause users to bounce or leave your site faster than others. This means that overall (and long term) you will actually make less. Additionally, if these ads negatively affect user experiences long enough, we’ve seen this negatively impact SEO as well.

ad placements that actually work on your website

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How Ads Can Reduce Bounce Rate

Can Ads Reduce Bounce Rate?

Advertising is fundamentally important to the online ecosystem because it allows people to access free content online. If given the option to pay a monthly subscription or access to sites for free, most people would prefer free content. With that said, when advertisements are placed on a website, it can also correlate to an increased bounce rate. Logically, this makes sense because it’s another reason for visitors to exit a page. However, there are some principles — proven by science — that allow publishers to show ads and reduce bounce rate at the same time.

can ads reduce bounce rate

Below, we’ll highlight exactly what we’ve learned from studying thousands of sites, bounce rates, and ad placements that will allow you to reduce bounce rate while still displaying effective ads on your site. The secret is in the data.

The first two are things most top publishers are already doing. The last one is something that very few top publishers are doing… and we’ve seen it make a huge difference.

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How To Improve SEO for WordPress Posts

Improve SEO for WordPress Posts

improve seo for wordpress posts

A significant portion of the internet uses WordPress to manage their content. It is one of the easiest (if not the easiest) CMS to use if you want to adhere to — and implement — white hat SEO best practices on a site. However, many are falling short of the mark on their posts and don’t even know it! Below, I’ll show you how to improve SEO for WordPress posts.

I’m going to skip over all the philosophical and platitudinal jargon about, “what is SEO” and “here’s how you should think about SEO and your content” stuff. I’m assuming you understand white hat SEO, it’s intention, and the importance of implementing it to the fullest ability possible.

There are plenty of great blogs out there that will help you better understand what SEO is and how to think about it on your site. In this post, I’m just going to show you basic tips and tricks that you can use to boost SEO for WordPress posts on your site.

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How To Improve Search Ranking For Old Content

Improve Search Ranking For Old Content

One of the highest impact forms of traffic for an online publisher is organic traffic. As new content is created, it is often viewed by many publishers as a set piece that they push off into cyberspace hoping that their social media and regular viewers will engage in the piece positively enough for it rank well in search engines the world over (mainly, Google).

improve search ranking for old content

Unfortunately, this strategy in of itself excludes one of the most impactful methods for improving overall organic traffic; which is old content that already ranks… just not as well as you would like. So, how do you improve search ranking for old content?

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Move Pages to HTTPS Without Mixed Content Warning

How To Moves Pages To HTTPS Without Mixed Content Error

So you’re moving all your pages to HTTPS. Smart decision! Every site I’ve ever worked on saw improvements after proper implementation. It also can go a long way toward ensuring your users feel comfortable with the security of your site. However, if implemented incorrectly, it can potentially cause concerns from your users and offer almost no SERP benefits. Here’s how you can avoid the common “Mixed Content – site contains http resources” error that emerges when a “site is not secure” warning to is displayed to Chrome users.

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