Month: September 2016

Apply To Get Into Google Ad Exchange

Apply To Get A Google Ad Exchange Account Before diving into exactly how to get a Google Ad Exchange (AdX) account, let’s get into the most common reasons why you many want one in the first place. One major reason is that there...

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Add Schema Markup To WordPress Site

Why Add Schema Markup To WordPress Website? If you’re a publisher that has written recently about a person, product, event, service, news subject, or event created some type of review, one of the best ways to make your content...

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Facebook Clickbait Algorithm Now In Effect

Facebook launches clickbait algorithm to improve quality Content quality has become a hot topic in the last month in the world of online publishing. The new Facebook clickbait algorithm —that was added recently — will constrain...

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Easy Ways To Improve AdSense Ads

3 Easy Ways To Improve Adsense Ads Google Adsense is great because it’s easy to use and one of the most reliable ad networks available. If you have a website, and you want to start earning money, all you need to do is paste a...

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