User Engagement Impacts Ad Revenue (According To Data Science)

How User Engagement Impacts Ad Revenue (Data Science)

What’s a good user experience and what’s a bad one? We could probably all agree that a good user experience is one in which user engagement is high. The visitor is reading the content, visiting multiple pages, and possibly sharing on his social media. What’s a bad one? The exact I opposite, right?

user engagement and digital ad revenue

Defining these things in general terms is easy. Coming to terms with metrics that everyone agrees on is actually more complex than it might seem. Fortunately, there are some clear signals in the data that point us towards what types of things extend user sessions and generate more revenue.

Below, I’ll take you through a short run down of how data science can help us better define user engagement, and why it has such a dramatic and unprecedented effect on digital ad revenue. You’ll see what metrics matter most and how they are often impacted.

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Short Form vs Long Form Content Monetization Tips

Short Form vs Long Form Content Monetization

The debate about short form vs long form content has been raging for years and years. The fact remains that both have relevant roles in the world of digital publishing. A broad brush approach of comparing the two isn’t as productive as discussing how each should be properly monetized and leveraged by digital publishers.

short form content vs long form content monetization

Below, I’ll show you how to use both short form and long form content as tools in an overall basic publishing strategy and highlight how to best monetize both forms of content on a digital property to earn more digital revenue. I’ll show you the actual data behind these strategies and teach you why each offers potential higher earnings.

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Online Publisher, Dave Taylor, Delivers Advice & More

Online Publisher, Dave Taylor, Shares Website Experiences

Ezoic blog editor, Tyler Bishop, and I have been working together for quite a while now, but we thought it would be fun and hopefully enlightening to have us go back to the origin of my experience as an online publisher, my Web site AskDaveTaylor, and how it’s gone in the last decade.

online publisher dave taylor on online publishing

The interview below consists of some of Tyler’s questions and my answers regarding how I got started, my secrets to success, my biggest mistakes, and more. Hopefully, you can learn a thing or two from my long journey.

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Image SEO Tips For Website Owners & Digital Publishers

Image SEO Tips For Website Owners & Digital Publishers

One of the biggest SEO opportunities — on a page by page basis — that I see digital publishers and website owners miss out on is their page images. Image SEO isn’t just about having images show up in image searches, it’s about having those images contribute to overall page rank by making pages faster and offering more information about how those images relate to a certain subject a searcher may be looking for.

image seo tips

Below, I’ll show you how to compress and optimize images so that your individual pages can rank higher in organic search results. These image SEO tips are easy, free to do, and neglected — to some degree — on 99% of digital properties; including some of the biggest sites on the internet!!!

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Popular Posts Can Help You Increase Web Traffic

How Popular Posts Can Help You Increase Web Traffic

Quick, what’s the most popular article on your Web site? What topics are covered in your most popular posts? Which articles do people spend the most time reading, and which ones actually extend user sessions by pushing readers onto other pages where they can get lost in your awesome content?

data from popular posts

These are basic questions to know about your Web site and as recently as twenty years ago, were but a fantasy for every information publisher. The desire for data is common across all types of publishers, though. Book writers would love to know how far a typical Kindle or ebook reader makes it before bailing on their latest missive. TV producers can draw all sorts of conclusions based on which episodes are watched on demand and where viewers run out of steam and quit binge-watching a series.

Fortunately, we can glean all this data now without A Clockwork Orange sort of setup where viewers have their eyeballs propped open and computers analyzing their eye movements! Far from it: all of this great data for your Web site is available through sophisticated analytics tools, ready for you to analyze.

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How To Use Content Structure That Is Engaging To Readers

Website Content Structure That Is Engaging To Visitors

Look closely at this article. Not at the words, though they’re important, but rather the content structure. Yes, that’s important. In fact, it’s critically important for the success of your online publishing business.

imrpove content structure

There are good ways and bad ways to present content to readers in the online world, whether your target audience is on a tiny smartphone screen or a big 4K desktop monitor. Some of the best practices we all learned the hard way from sites like MySpace (tip: dark red letters on a black background still looks awful!) but there are a lot of other aspects to content structure that can make your content more readable and engaging.

We’ve talked about how hacks for improving things like bounce rate before. Now, I’m going to talk a little bit about writing in a way that is more engaging to readers (in ways you probably haven’t thought of before).

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Balancing User Experience & Digital Ad Revenue

Formula For Balancing User Experience & Digital Ad Revenue for Publishers

This is an extremely hot topic right now. How do you balance digital ad revenue and user experience if you’re a digital publisher or website owner? At a recent event, some of the largest publishers on the planet recently circled this issue as their core challenge right now. So, what is the formula for balancing these two key site elements?

balancing digital ad revenue

As you might easily guess, the audiences on and are different. They’re behavior’s are different, despite the fact that they are both visiting mainstream news properties. However, not every member of the audiences is the same. An experience may work for 75% of the audience but could be terrible for the other 25%.

This is where publishers and website owners have always struggled. How do you strike the right balance between user experience and digital ad revenue without leaving someone out, and where do you even start?

Below, I’ll share some data and learnings from sites that have done this successfully, and share some information about how to do this yourself.

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