Pagespeed Insights For A Site’s SEO & UX

Pagespeed Insights For SEO & UX

Website pagespeed has become one of the hottest and most discussed topics among publishers and site owners over the last few years. With the rise of mobile and backing from Google, there is a new era of pagespeed obsession taking place. But, which pagespeed insights are most important and what is Google really looking at when they talk about site speed.

Read my manifesto on actionably improving website page speed here.

google pagespeed insights trends
Googe trends for the term “pagespeed

Since the launch of Google Pagespeed Tools and the hard push from Google regarding the need for faster pages, publishers and site owners have been doing everything they can to shave seconds off of their page load speed. Unfortunately, most sites really don’t understand how pagespeed actually works, how Google measures it, or how it is impacting modern SEO.

In the text below, I’ll give you examples of how pagespeed is affecting your search results (HINT: It is absolutely not the way you think it is). As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, I’ll share with you the little-known details regarding how Google is looking at your pagespeed and how you can avoid common measurement pitfalls. Continue reading “Pagespeed Insights For A Site’s SEO & UX”

Ad Networks Selection Process & Evaluation Guide

Ad Networks Selection Process & Evaluation Guide

You’re probably looking into the best ad networks because you want to find a way to earn more money from your current website. There’s a lot to consider. This space is convoluted and grows more complex every day. Achieving higher CPM’s — or much more importantly — higher EPMV is actually more difficult than just swapping ad networks in and out.

best ad networks

Below, we’ll walk you through a step by step guide for selecting the best ad networks, ad exchanges, and ad partner considerations to help you earn more ad revenue on your website. This is information is unbiased; as we are not an ad network or an exchange, and we actually own thousands of sites ourselves and have worked with tons of these different entities.

I will lay out exactly what you should watch out for with even the best ad networks and how you can ultimately come out with a winning ad solution on your website.

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How Long Does It Take To Make Money From Websites?

How To Make Money From Websites? (A True Story)

Back in the early days of the ‘net, people would publish and manage Web sites out of the sheer joy of sharing information and knowledge. Knowing you had readers — and if it was a blog — garnering comments and feedback from visitors was just the proverbial icing on the cake. The imperative was share, share! Information wants to be free! So how long did it take me to make money from websites that I built?

How Long Does It Take To Make Money From Websites?

As the Internet and the World Wide Web grew up, information publishers found themselves turning into budding entrepreneurs and asking the fundamental business question: how do I make money from my website, ad how do websites make money… IN GENERAL???

The drive to generate revenue — to “monetize” — your site and site traffic requires making some changes to your site architecture, publishing schedule, and even the topics you cover, and that’s been a stumbling block for many. The greatest obstacle; however, has been persistence — setting realistic expectations of what kind of revenue you can see in 30 days, 90 days, 6 months and even 12 months after starting your efforts to produce online income. This is what I experienced and what you might be able to expect…

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Ethically Sharing Content To Earn Ad Revenue

Learn the secret to sharing content to earn ad revenue

Good websites of all shapes and sizes usually have one thing in common, great content. Whether a site is new and still growing, or well established and expanding it’s readership, exposing interested parties to your content is key to attracting new visitors to your site. However, many are toiling away without key secrets for sharing content. These ethical tips could quickly expedite many of their efforts and generate more ad revenue and more web traffic.

sharing content ethically and effectively

The term ethical is a really important distinction here. As most sites are aware, earning good quality visitors through an ethical means is the most sustainable way to grow a site’s following. Shortcuts and other blackhat methods of traffic attraction can be short-lived and short-sided. To grow a sustainable site that generates growing ad revenue, you will need to find proven, ethical ways for sharing content.

Below, I’ll highlight some ways that I have used (and seen other top publishers use) to dramatically increase traffic in less than 30 days. These methods can be used for both long-term and short-term growth. Ultimately, these ways of sharing content can be a valuable investment of any site owner or publishers time. Continue reading “Ethically Sharing Content To Earn Ad Revenue”

How UX Massively Influences Website Revenue

How UX Truly Impacts Website Revenue

Imagine you go to a website and you find it difficult to locate what you’re looking for. The world of cyberspace is big and easy to navigate quickly. You — like all other users — will leave the difficult site and go off in search of the information you seek elsewhere. This is why user experience (UX) is so important, and it’s no wonder, that we’ve found that UX has an absolutely staggering impact website revenue.

UX and website revenue

Let me explain. UX is not the design of your site — this is a misconception we will touch on later — it’s the ease at which your users can access and engage with elements of your site. The better the experience, the more revenue the site earns; however, these two things are often thought of as separate.

In the information below, I will reveal some of the most critical UX elements that our research has shown to have the big impacts on website revenue. We’ll show you what changes you can make to increase your site earnings both short and long-term. Continue reading “How UX Massively Influences Website Revenue”

How To Improve Search Ranking For Old Content

Improve Search Ranking For Old Content

One of the highest impact forms of traffic for an online publisher is organic traffic. As new content is created, it is often viewed by many publishers as a set piece that they push off into cyberspace hoping that their social media and regular viewers will engage in the piece positively enough for it rank well in search engines the world over (mainly, Google).

improve search ranking for old content

Unfortunately, this strategy in of itself excludes one of the most impactful methods for improving overall organic traffic; which is old content that already ranks… just not as well as you would like. So, how do you improve search ranking for old content?

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Move Pages to HTTPS Without Mixed Content Warning

How To Moves Pages To HTTPS Without Mixed Content Error

So you’re moving all your pages to HTTPS. Smart decision! Every site I’ve ever worked on saw improvements after proper implementation. It also can go a long way toward ensuring your users feel comfortable with the security of your site. However, if implemented incorrectly, it can potentially cause concerns from your users and offer almost no SERP benefits. Here’s how you can avoid the common “Mixed Content – site contains http resources” error that emerges when a “site is not secure” warning to is displayed to Chrome users.

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Interstitial Ads, Can You Still Use Them?

interstitial ads

What are interstitial ads and should I use them?

Interstitial ads are ads that load between pages of a user session, or even prior to reaching a search destination, that display in the middle of the screen. They are closely related to the pop-up.

On desktop, these can sometimes be interesting and related to content, such as an advert for a Land Rover or Ford truck when visiting an automobile site. They have long been a tool for advertisers and publishers alike, but recent Google changes may have publishers thinking twice before leveraging them like they have in the past. 

It’s important for publishers to examine their interstitial strategy carefully before making any final decisions; as the new Google penalty for mobile interstitial ads has basically rendered them useless for publishers that derive any significant portion of traffic to their website from organic search. Continue reading “Interstitial Ads, Can You Still Use Them?”

Why Are Ad Earnings Dropping?

What happened to my ad earnings?

If you’re reading this there is a good chance you’re in the first stage of trying to figure out why your ad earnings from Adsense — or any number of different ad networks — have dropped. You’re not the first person to experience this issue, and as you’re probably aware, there are a lot of things to consider when answering the question. Below, we will share with you the most common — and therefore mostly likely — reasons why ad earnings dropping could be occurring on your site.

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What Is Multivariate Ad Testing & How Does It Work?

What Is Multivariate Ad Testing and How Does It Work?

What is multivariate ad testing & how can I do it?

If you want to maximize ad revenue on your site, how many ads should you have on each page and where should they go?

One person might say five ads per age because it increases the number of opportunities a user has to engage with ads on any particular page. Another might believe that having only two or three ads per page is better because it makes it more likely that a visitor will spend more time on your site, and the increase in pages per session translates to the viewer being exposed to more ad impressions overall. But, that still doesn’t answer where they should go or what sizes they should be.

Who is right?

Without data, it’s hard to tell. Anyone who quickly blurts out an answer isn’t being honest. There are a lot of factors that impact ad earnings – such as site layout, ad location on the page, types of ads being shown and site content. If you truly want to discover what works best for your unique site, multivariate ad testing is the way to go.  Continue reading “What Is Multivariate Ad Testing & How Does It Work?”