Have Online Ad Rates Dropped? How To Tell…

Have Online Ad Rates Dropped? How To Tell…

This is one of the most common subjects that permeates website owner —and digital publishing — forums online. Many are curious if their site is experiencing a personal drop in ad rates, or if everyone across the board is experiencing the same loss. Additionally, there seems to be a myth regarding a residual decline in ad rates for websites in general over the past few years.

online ad rates for websites

Both of these questions have really easy answers. Sometimes, finding these answers is really simple, other times, it’s a little more involved. However, I can probably help provide some pretty specific guidance and direction.

Below, I’ll show you how to know for sure if you’re site is seeing a loss in earnings, why it’s happening, and if others are seeing the same thing. Additionally, I’ll address the myth that online ad rates have been in steady decline over the years.  Continue reading “Have Online Ad Rates Dropped? How To Tell…”

Getting The Most Out of The Ezoic Platform — Part IV

Getting the most out of the Ezoic Platform — Part IV

Yes, we’re up to the fourth installment of Ten Critical Ezoic Settings And You Won’t Believe Number Six. if you’re just showing up here, I encourage you to start by going back and reading parts 1-3:

Part 1: Ezoic Configuration Basics
Part 2: All About AMP and Mediation
Part 3: Ezoic Experiments Will Rock Your World

ezoic sign in

This week we’ll talk about reports and let’s call this You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure!

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Improving Ezoic Performance On Your Website — Part III

Improving Ezoic Performance On Your Website

This is the third installment of Everything You Needed to Know about Ezoic Settings but Were Afraid to Ask, with apologies to Woody Allen, of course! In the last few weeks, Ezoic guru Piper Lofrano and I have talked about Accelerated Mobile Pages, ad blocking strategies, excluding pages from Ezoic, increasing revenue with Ad Mediation, Ad Tester and Layout Tester. If you haven’t read those, you really need to catch up: Tune Your Ezoic Settings Part 1 and Tune Your Ezoic Settings Part 2.

Part 1: Optimizing your Ezoic settings
Part 2: Tuning your Ezoic settings for success
Skip to Part 4 — Maximizing your time with Ezoic

ezoic experiements

Back? Caught up? Great. As discussed last week, there’s really no more important element to your Ezoic experience than understanding and properly configuring Layout Tester, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other areas in the Ezoic settings that you should tune.

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3 Easy Ways To Boost Organic Traffic In 3 Weeks

3 Easy Ways To Boost Organic Traffic

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work on hundreds of websites over the years. Now, I spend a significant portion of my time sharing my learnings and data with the world through this blog, my social media, this popular podcast, and monthly web events. Because of this, I’m constantly asked by friends and listeners for help. Everyone hopes that I will be able to take a little time to help them boost organic traffic or market their website.

boost organic search traffic

To even my OWN FAMILY, my answer is always the same. You don’t need me. You can do this all yourself, it’s not that hard if you take the time to collect the right data and learn more about quality site marketing practices.

I understand the sentiment that many would rather just outsource this stuff, but the truth is that — as a site owner or employee of a digital publishing property — you have unique intellectual capital about your site(s) that is rare. This is a huge advantage if you’re able to do some of these things yourself.

That’s why I’ve listed 3 really easy ways to boost organic traffic in just 3 weeks below. These are some of the things I tell my friends to start with when they ask for help…

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Tuning Your Ezoic Settings For Success Part 2

Tuning Your Ezoic Settings For Success Part 2

In my last post, I dove into the robust world of Ezoic site settings and preferences with the able assistance of Ezoic’s own Piper Lofrano. We covered the basics of the dashboard and why you really need to be paying attention to the settings, even though they can be a bit complex and, yeah, a bit daunting too. Specifically, we talked about AMP, Recommended Pages, AdColors, BlockAdPlace, Exclude Pages and Mediation. You did read that one, right? If not, go read it now. We’ll wait here.

ezoic settings


Piper and I both want to emphasize that one of the most dangerous of the settings covered last week was how you have BlockAdPlaces configured. It makes sense if you think about it: tell Ezoic not to put ads in the key spots on your pages, and your impressions and clicks could plummet precipitously. That means lower revenue and a general lack of delight in the benefits that Ezoic can bring to your site.

This time, I want to jump right back in and start by looking at both AdTester and LayoutTester, both of which are critical to Ezoic’s AI being able to do its job optimally and maximize the results on your site for every single visitor, whether from mobile or desktop, domestic or foreign.

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Good Bounce Rate Hacks & Proven Tricks To Improve Your Site

Good Bounce Rate Hacks & Proven Tricks

Almost all publishers want their sites to have a good bounce rate — good meaning low! In fact, most ask, “what is a good bounce rate”? However, most site owners don’t recognize that bounce rates are relative to the type of content on the pages that visitors are landing on. This means that bounce rates vary from page to page and site to site.

Unfortunately, there does seem to be a myth out there that a page’s bounce rate is something that cannot be dramatically affected by simple changes. I’m here to tell you… nothing could be further from the truth.

what is a good bounce rate?

Few things could have a more dramatic effect on your site’s traffic, SEO, and revenue than it’s bounce rate, so why not do everything you can to improve it? Below, I’ll share some experts hacks and proven tips for reducing the bounce rate on your site and it’s individual pages. Many of which, are rarely discussed or shared…

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Actual Google AMP Results From Digital Publishers

Maximizing Google AMP Results As A Digital Publisher

If you’re a digital publisher or website owner, it’s extremely likely you’ve been paying close attention to Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project. It’s possible you’ve experimented with AMP on your own site. As a Google Certifed Partner with our own AMP Converter, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Google AMP results and data from dozens of major publishers that have implemented the mobile technology already.

google amp results

Below, I’ll share with you some of the main challenges, benefits, and learnings we’ve had with AMP so far. Some of the criticisms of AMP to this point are actually unfair — while others aren’t even being discussed.

Ultimately, publishers implementing AMP see impacts on their SEO, ad earnings, and user experiences. Understanding what to expect in each of these categories today — and into the future — are critical for building a successful mobile publishing plan for the future.

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Optimizing Ezoic Settings On Your Website – Part 1

Optimizing Ezoic Settings On Your Website

I’ve been running my Ask Dave Taylor site through Ezoic for many months now, and have seen some terrific results. If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely an Ezoic customer too, and I hope you’re seeing similar positive results with whatever stats you’re measuring and tuning.

optimizing ezoic

But, Ezoic is a sophisticated tool and one that keeps evolving and gaining features and capabilities. This means that it’s entirely possible that the settings on your account are not optimal and that you could be missing out on optimizations, traffic, better analytics and other data that would help you get even more out of being an Ezoic customer.

With the help of Ezoic’s Piper Lofrano, I’m going to take you on a tour of the key features and settings in the Ezoic back end, offering suggestions on how best to tweak and tune things to ensure the best possible results.

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Stunning Display Ad Combination Stats & Expert Hacks

Display Ad Combination Stats & Expert Hacks

One of the most stunning things I’ve learned from working with thousands and thousands of online publishers is the massive impact that display ad combinations have on both user experience and ad revenue. It makes sense, right? The way ads are represented to visitors affects their desire/ability to continue browsing a site.

display ad combinations

There are really millions of different ways that ads could be configured on a web page — types, sizes, density, color, etc. Some of these are clearly more annoying than others and some are definitely more effective than others. The problem is that many publishers fail to ever strike a perfect balance displaying ads in an optimal fashion.

Fortunately, I can share with you some really interesting stats, figures, and hacks for making sure that you provide the best possible display ad combinations to your visitors. The secret is using data to understand your pages and site visitors. Below, I’ll show exactly how to do this…

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