How To Make Your Website Ads More Valuable To Advertisers

How To Make Your Website Ads More Valuable To Advertisers

The publishing industry figured out a great revenue model long before digital publishing was ever a thing. Publishers provided readers with great content, advertisers paid the publishers to display ads, the readers got free content in exchange for viewing some ads along the way. Once website ads came along the model has pretty much stayed intact; however, the mechanisms for executing these relationships have changed a lot.

increase monetization for website ads and google ads

If you’re a publisher, website owner, or blogger that makes money from ads on your site there are really only two broad metrics you should care about — how much your readers love your content AND the amount of value your digital property is bringing to advertisers. While it seems like these two things are in constant conflict, they are often aligned.

Below, I’ll share with you some core strategies, case studies, and metrics that you can use RIGHT NOW to increase the value of the ads appearing on your website. This includes programmatic ads, Google ads, or any other kind of ads that are displayed on your site. Let’s dig in…

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Preparing For Google Algorithm Changes In 2018+

Preparing For Google Algorithm Changes In 2018+

Recently, I had the opportunity to host an event at Google in San Francisco called, Pubtelligence. It brought together a diverse mix of digital publishers of all shapes, sizes, and experience-levels. At this event, no speaker captured the attention of everyone in the audience quite like Illya Grigorik, a member of Google’s webmaster team (Search). He discussed how publishers should be preparing for Google algorithm, and search ranking changes, in 2018 and beyond.

google Algorithm changes 2018 search

This came as no surprise. Google’s search algorithm and webmaster practices are the subject of constant rumors, news, and evaluation. This is all for good reason. Publishers rely on Google’s search product to help them drive visitors to their properties. Businesses have been built and conquered on the search giant’s shifts in algorithm changes in the past, and no one wants to fall behind.

Below, I’ll discuss all the important things that Illya Grigorik covered in his presentation. I’ll also read between the lines on a few things he discussed and shared with everyone present. Furthermore, I’ll boil it all down to a few clear directives for digital publishers that want to ensure they are staying ahead of shifts and trends in Google search changes.

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Data Reveals The Value of Visitor Engagement for Publishers

Data Reveals The Value of Visitor Engagement

Having website visitors that are engaged with content is paramount to publishers that value the longevity of their digital properties. As more and more research emerges about the impact of things like user experience and visitor behavior, the more we are learning about the bottom line value of the metrics that are associated with these factors.

visitor engagement and visitor behavior for websites

With more being learned about visitor behavior and intent, we are starting to understand exactly what elements are providing the most value to all the parties involved. Phenomenons like Fake UX have become the subject of popular news articles and studies recently.

Below, we will summarize information and data from a recent case study and presentation at Pubtelligence — which was recently hosted at Google in San Francisco. The presentation focused on exactly what metrics are most closely aligned with authentic visitor engagement and improvements in digital revenue.

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Publishers Are Fighting To Stay Ahead of These Trends

Publishers Are Fighting To Stay Ahead of These Trends

Digital publishers and online content creators are always adapting. Few industries have more moving parts than the publishing space, yet the rewards of a $70 billion dollar ad industry, with 20% year over year growth, provides more than enough incentive to stay current with all the variables in the field.

data-driven publishers

The biggest buzzwords and trends in the digital publishing space right now are “artificial intelligence” and “data science”. A quick analysis of popular industry conference topics will instantly highlight just how popular these terms have become for publishers recently. However, the rise of these subjects underlines something even more important… the vast importance of data and what publishers should be doing with it.

Below, I’ll deliver some of the key points I recently discussed at Pubtelligence — which was hosted at Google. I’ll highlight key trends in the digital publishing space and show where I think the most successful publishers will be headed in the next 5 years.

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How To Stop Bad Ads From Showing On Your Website

How To Stop Bad Ads From Showing On Your Website

Tired of seeing bad ads appearing on your website? All publishers hate seeing spammy ads or malicious downloads appearing on their web properties. This subjects visitors to material that the publisher almost always would rather them never see. Unfortunately, bad actors are always finding ways to game the system.

How To Stop Bad Ads From Showing website

Below, I’ll explain exactly why these types of ads show on publisher sites. I’ll discuss why even the most popular sites in the world still deal with these problems, and what you can do to safeguard against their impact on your visitors.

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Copy/Paste Per Visit – A Website Engagement Signal You Should Measure?

Copy/Paste Per Visit – A Website Engagement Signal You Should Measure?

We’ve been talking about the Fake UX phenomenon a lot recently. The idea that website engagement is so closely tied to ad revenue and SEO is pretty eye-opening if you’re a digital publisher. This has a lot of publishers scrambling to better understand how visitors engage with their content and what website elements can help them increase engagement and lengthen the user session the most.

copy/paste per visit user experience engagement

Being able to identify problems like Navigation Bounces are important. And, being able to understand what may by affecting Engagement Time in positive and negative ways is critical as well; however, Copy/Paste Per Visit is an interesting new metric that is also surprisingly connected to website engagement.

What’s more, website owners and webmasters may be surprised just how many users are copy/pasting content from their sites, and just how much this may be benefiting them financially and with search engines like, Google…

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Monitoring Engaged Pageviews Per Visit Might Be Essential

Why Monitoring Engaged Pageviews Per Visit Offers Major Benefits

We’ve spent a lot of time recently discussing user intent and visitor behavior. Data Science keeps telling us more and more about advanced user experience metrics and their impact on revenue, traffic, and brand perception. Below, I’ll highlight one of the most dynamic metrics for digital publishers, engaged pageviews.

engaged pagview visitor engagement and user intent

I’ll discuss exactly what an engaged pageview is and how it can be tracked. I’ll also share why it is a more dynamic (and helpful) metric than looking at traditional pageviews, and the correlation that engaged pageviews have with revenue, traffic, and user experience.

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Save Snopes Campaign Has Important Message At It’s Core

Save Snopes Campaign Has Important Message, the popular fact-checking website, has recently found itself in a rampant legal battle over site ownership and control. The ensuing chaos has seen founder, David Mikkelson, seeking to “Save Snopes” by launching an internet wide-campaign in an attempt to ensure his website remains under his control.

save snopes campaign

The legal battle centers around a portion of the site that was sold to owners and employees of Proper Media by David’s former wife, Barbara. Snopes entered a revenue-share and ad management agreement with Proper in early 2016. Earlier this year, Snopes canceled the contract, but Proper contested and claims that the contract terms were not fulfilled.

Now, sources say that Proper Media is withholding revenue from and has locked some degree of website infrastructure from David and his team. This has prompted David and the staff at Snopes to launch the Save Snopes campaign. Unfortunately, there are some important lessons all publishers can learn from these experiences… Continue reading “Save Snopes Campaign Has Important Message At It’s Core”

Engagement Time Is Directly Connected To Digital Revenue

Engagement Time Is Important To Top Publishers

We’ve been spending a lot of time recently digging deeper and deeper into metrics that look closely at user behavior and visitor intent. These metrics are proving to be incredibly valuable to some of the world’s top digital publishers, and we’ve been breaking down all the different ways they impact revenue, traffic, and brand reputation; as well as how you can measure and track them yourself. This time, we’ll be looking at engagement time.

user experience and visitor engagement

Below, I’ll highlight exactly what engagement time is, how it’s measured, how it impacts revenue, and why all publishers should be looking very closely at this metric. I’ll also demonstrate why it is hard to manipulate and why many publishers are choosing to look at it over traditional metrics like session duration.

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Do Navigation Bounces Affect SEO & Digital Revenue?

The impact of Navigation Bounces on SEO & digital revenue

In the world of digital publishing, providing your website visitors with a better experience is a formulaic tool in improving digital revenue, growing organic website traffic, and enhancing the brand perception of your digital property. The measurement and metrics associated with user experience have a proven and recognized correlation with everything from session revenue to search engine ranking position. 

navigation bounces

Recently, we have started taking a deeper look into these metrics — and increasing our focus on what we would call “intent” metrics. More specifically, this week we’re taking a closer look at Navigation Bounces.

In the research below, we’ll highlight what navigation bounces are, how we measure them, how you can measure them, and the impact that we’ve studied them having on SEO, digital revenue, and overall user experiences.

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