Digiday Publishing Summit News & Notes From the Event

Digiday Publishing Summit News & Notes

The Digiday Publishing Summit kicks off March 29th at 2pm (MST). The event is 3 days long and will feature some of the digital publishing industries biggest brands and most well-known thought leaders. We are providing live updates on Twitter, and will be giving a rundown of each day’s biggest and most important news and information below.

We highlight the buzz that seems to be coming out of the conference and what some of the industries most influencers had to say about some of the current climate’s hottest topics.

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SEO Audit Your Website On Your Own

How To Do An SEO Audit On Your Website

There are few things more frustrating to me than all the e-mails I get on a regular basis from agencies and freelancers pitching me SEO audits. Some offer me a free SEO audit — hoping I will agree and then buy services from them after they try to highlight things that may or not actually impact my site or my bottom line. Others want me to pay them to do a deep SEO audit of what can be improved on my website so that it will rank better in organic search.

I ignore all of these requests and most of you should too!

seo audit checklist tools

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I’ll spare you the caveats and details around how you should really think about SEO and organic traffic and just tell you this, website owners and digital publishers should be doing their own SEO audit.

Below, I’ll show you how to align an audit to your goals, how to perform a detailed SEO audit of your own site, and how to create and produce reports that will help you identify and take action on things that truly will help you generate more quality traffic to your website.

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Google AMP Conference News & Updates

Google AMP Conference News & Updates

On March 7-8, 2017, Google helped to host the very first AMP Conference. AMP, of course, stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages — the open source mobile technology project endorsed (and largely created by) Google.

google amp conference

The Google AMP Conference was designed to be an event for developers to come together to learn and share information about the AMP project, it’s progress, and the roadmap for the future.

Google made several major announcements at the conference and there was some really interesting information shared by several third parties. Below, I’ll update you on the AMP road map, major news from the conference, and what this means for sites that hope to leverage AMP successfully in the future.

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Website Usability Testing That Actually Works

How To Do Website Usability Testing That Actually Works

One of the hottest topics in digital publishing right now is website usability testing. The problem is that this concept is often grossly misunderstood. Below, I’m going to show you how to do real data-driven website usability testing on your site.

website usability testing

Why do this kind of website testing? Sites that are actually able to improve website usability are able to improve user experiences; which have a direct impact on SEO, ad revenue, and your site’s brand (quality returning visitors).

Often publisher efforts to improve user experiences are heavily influenced by subjective opinions and not objective data. I’ll demonstrate below, why data integrity/quality is paramount to achieving positive results from these efforts. I’ll show you what data matters and how to do testing that will 100% make your SEO, ad revenue, and site’s brand better than it is today.

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Have Online Ad Rates Dropped? How To Tell…

Have Online Ad Rates Dropped? How To Tell…

This is one of the most common subjects that permeates website owner —and digital publishing — forums online. Many are curious if their site is experiencing a personal drop in ad rates, or if everyone across the board is experiencing the same loss. Additionally, there seems to be a myth regarding a residual decline in ad rates for websites in general over the past few years.

online ad rates for websites

Both of these questions have really easy answers. Sometimes, finding these answers is really simple, other times, it’s a little more involved. However, I can probably help provide some pretty specific guidance and direction.

Below, I’ll show you how to know for sure if you’re site is seeing a loss in earnings, why it’s happening, and if others are seeing the same thing. Additionally, I’ll address the myth that online ad rates have been in steady decline over the years.  Continue reading “Have Online Ad Rates Dropped? How To Tell…”

3 Easy Ways To Boost Organic Traffic In 3 Weeks

3 Easy Ways To Boost Organic Traffic

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work on hundreds of websites over the years. Now, I spend a significant portion of my time sharing my learnings and data with the world through this blog, my social media, this popular podcast, and monthly web events. Because of this, I’m constantly asked by friends and listeners for help. Everyone hopes that I will be able to take a little time to help them boost organic traffic or market their website.

boost organic search traffic

To even my OWN FAMILY, my answer is always the same. You don’t need me. You can do this all yourself, it’s not that hard if you take the time to collect the right data and learn more about quality site marketing practices.

I understand the sentiment that many would rather just outsource this stuff, but the truth is that — as a site owner or employee of a digital publishing property — you have unique intellectual capital about your site(s) that is rare. This is a huge advantage if you’re able to do some of these things yourself.

That’s why I’ve listed 3 really easy ways to boost organic traffic in just 3 weeks below. These are some of the things I tell my friends to start with when they ask for help…

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Good Bounce Rate Hacks & Proven Tricks To Improve Your Site

Good Bounce Rate Hacks & Proven Tricks

Almost all publishers want their sites to have a good bounce rate — good meaning low! However, most site owners recognize that bounce rates are relative to the type of content on the pages that visitors are landing on. This means that bounce rates vary from page to page and site to site.

Unfortunately, there does seem to be a myth out there that a page’s bounce rate is something that cannot be dramatically affected by simple changes. I’m here to tell you… nothing could be further from the truth.

what is a good bounce rate?

Few things could have a more dramatic effect on your site’s traffic, SEO, and revenue than it’s bounce rate, so why not do everything you can to improve it? Below, I’ll share some experts hacks and proven tips for reducing the bounce rate on your site and it’s individual pages. Many of which, are rarely discussed or shared…

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Actual Google AMP Results From Digital Publishers

Maximizing Google AMP Results As A Digital Publisher

If you’re a digital publisher or website owner, it’s extremely likely you’ve been paying close attention to Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project. It’s possible you’ve experimented with AMP on your own site. As a Google Certifed Partner with our own AMP Converter, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Google AMP results and data from dozens of major publishers that have implemented the mobile technology already.

google amp results

Below, I’ll share with you some of the main challenges, benefits, and learnings we’ve had with AMP so far. Some of the criticisms of AMP to this point are actually unfair — while others aren’t even being discussed.

Ultimately, publishers implementing AMP see impacts on their SEO, ad earnings, and user experiences. Understanding what to expect in each of these categories today — and into the future — are critical for building a successful mobile publishing plan for the future.

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Stunning Display Ad Combination Stats & Expert Hacks

Display Ad Combination Stats & Expert Hacks

One of the most stunning things I’ve learned from working with thousands and thousands of online publishers is the massive impact that display ad combinations have on both user experience and ad revenue. It makes sense, right? The way ads are represented to visitors affects their desire/ability to continue browsing a site.

display ad combinations

There are really millions of different ways that ads could be configured on a web page — types, sizes, density, color, etc. Some of these are clearly more annoying than others and some are definitely more effective than others. The problem is that many publishers fail to ever strike a perfect balance displaying ads in an optimal fashion.

Fortunately, I can share with you some really interesting stats, figures, and hacks for making sure that you provide the best possible display ad combinations to your visitors. The secret is using data to understand your pages and site visitors. Below, I’ll show exactly how to do this…

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Increase Your Content Ranking In Search Results

Increase the Probability of Your Content Ranking In Search Results

No matter what kind of blog or website you have, it’s likely that your site will strongly benefit from content that ranks well in organic search results. Unfortunately, many publishers continue to create content without ever knowing if they will strike content ranking gold or not.

The truth is that it’s actually pretty easy to write content that will most likely rank highly for search terms in your niche with a high monthly search volume. Yet I would guess that 90% of websites do this incorrectly. The key is research, data gathering, and diligent execution.

content ranking in search results

Below, I’ll show you how to do front-end content research that will allow you to write content for targeted keywords with a high monthly search volume. I’ll also share my secrets for ensuring that you actually end up ranking for those keywords so that you don’t waste your time (like millions of others are as we speak).

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