Risks For Independent Web Publishers In The Next 5 Years

Risks For Independent Web Publishers In The Next 5 Years

By: Dave Taylor (AskDaveTaylor.com)

I can’t decide. Is the future so bright that I’ve gotta’ wear shades, or is there an impending apocalyptic nightmare of global warming and civil unrest just over the horizon? This obviously matters to me and my family, but it also matters to my business, and since my web publishing business is the lion’s share of my income, it’s pretty important to plan ahead and avoid future risks.

web publisher risks five years

So what’s likely to happen in the next few years and what can I do about it proactively?

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How To Monitor Your Website Day To Day

How To Monitor Your Website Day To Day

Once you’re done deploying a design and getting everything set up with a hosting company, running a Web site can move into maintenance mode. That’s when you’re focused on the content, not your infrastructure, and that’s good because we all know the mantra content is king.

monitor website

But if you’re not paying attention to the underlying technology that powers your publishing site you could be headed towards disaster, whether it’s a Google or Facebook penalty dropping your site traffic to a trickle, changes in your audience interest, choke-points in your hosting plan, or even hackers sneaking onto your site and wreaking havoc.

As a result, it’s beneficial to get a reminder of what you should be watching on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, so that’s what I’m going to cover in this article. 

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Copy/Paste Per Visit – A Website Engagement Signal You Should Measure?

Copy/Paste Per Visit – A Website Engagement Signal You Should Measure?

We’ve been talking about the Fake UX phenomenon a lot recently. The idea that website engagement is so closely tied to ad revenue and SEO is pretty eye-opening if you’re a digital publisher. This has a lot of publishers scrambling to better understand how visitors engage with their content and what website elements can help them increase engagement and lengthen the user session the most.

copy/paste per visit user experience engagement

Being able to identify problems like Navigation Bounces are important. And, being able to understand what may by affecting Engagement Time in positive and negative ways is critical as well; however, Copy/Paste Per Visit is an interesting new metric that is also surprisingly connected to website engagement.

What’s more, website owners and webmasters may be surprised just how many users are copy/pasting content from their sites, and just how much this may be benefiting them financially and with search engines like, Google…

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Should Websites Delete Comments, Ignore, or Reply?

Should Websites Delete Comments, Ignore, or Reply?

Seems like such a basic question if you’re running a Web site: do you allow comments, and if so, do you approve them all for publishing or filter them? There are lots of nuances in this area, however, and it’s worth spending some time considering all of your options and how they might affect both your success online and the impression visitors get when they come to your site.

website delete comments

I’ve been at this a while and can share with you some precise criteria for how you should go about handling comments on your site. Below, I’ll highlight when visitor comments make sense, and when they might now.

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Monitoring Engaged Pageviews Per Visit Might Be Essential

Why Monitoring Engaged Pageviews Per Visit Offers Major Benefits

We’ve spent a lot of time recently discussing user intent and visitor behavior. Data Science keeps telling us more and more about advanced user experience metrics and their impact on revenue, traffic, and brand perception. Below, I’ll highlight one of the most dynamic metrics for digital publishers, engaged pageviews.

engaged pagview visitor engagement and user intent

I’ll discuss exactly what an engaged pageview is and how it can be tracked. I’ll also share why it is a more dynamic (and helpful) metric than looking at traditional pageviews, and the correlation that engaged pageviews have with revenue, traffic, and user experience.

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Accounting For Your Website Traffic Seasonality

Accounting For Website Traffic Seasonality As A Publisher

It’s back to school time. No, it’s not, it’s coming up on Halloween. Or, if you’re a publisher in a niche about toys, it might just be when you start planning for your Christmas efforts. Just about every publisher faces the challenge of adjusting their efforts to match website traffic seasonality, but how well do you manage the task?

website traffic seasonality

Below, I’ll highlight how a lot of publisher account for seasonality. How to measure against it and embrace it.

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Save Snopes Campaign Has Important Message At It’s Core

Save Snopes Campaign Has Important Message

Snopes.com, the popular fact-checking website, has recently found itself in a rampant legal battle over site ownership and control. The ensuing chaos has seen founder, David Mikkelson, seeking to “Save Snopes” by launching an internet wide-campaign in an attempt to ensure his website remains under his control.

save snopes campaign

The legal battle centers around a portion of the site that was sold to owners and employees of Proper Media by David’s former wife, Barbara. Snopes entered a revenue-share and ad management agreement with Proper in early 2016. Earlier this year, Snopes canceled the contract, but Proper contested and claims that the contract terms were not fulfilled.

Now, sources say that Proper Media is withholding revenue from Snopes.com and has locked some degree of website infrastructure from David and his team. This has prompted David and the staff at Snopes to launch the Save Snopes campaign. Unfortunately, there are some important lessons all publishers can learn from these experiences… Continue reading “Save Snopes Campaign Has Important Message At It’s Core”

Most Frustrating Part About BlogHer Conference

The Most Frustrating Part About The BlogHer Conference

Having never been to a BlogHer conference, I had no idea what to expect. 2300 women (and a few brave men!) descended on Orlando for three days of learning, networking, and fun. 

The first thing I noticed was the energy of the place. I was surrounded by powerful, motivated, women from all walks of life. Some ran foodie blogs, some had their own clothing lines, some still had 9-5 jobs and were thinking about taking the plunge to becoming full-fledged entrepreneurs. Everyone had a different story, but had one thing in common: they were there to better themselves.

blogher conference 2017

We had the pleasure of listening to some powerful women speak – Serena Williams, Chelsea Clinton, Cecile Richards to name a few. But as amazing as those keynotes were, it was the women I met standing in line for registration, the women I ate lunch with, and the women I met during the happy hour that really stood out. These women are changing the world. They are making an impact. That’s what made this next part so frustrating…

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Adapting Your Mobile Publishing Strategy To Fit Your Audience

Adapting Your Mobile Publishing Strategy To Fit Your Audience

There are a lot of things that have changed in the last decade of the World Wide Web, but none are more profound than the shift from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices. Whether you’re using a smartwatch, a smartphone or a smart tablet (do they sell dumb devices anymore?) the way you access information online has changed significantly with the rise of pervasive connectivity and smaller, faster, and, yes, smarter devices.

mobile publishing strategy

It was quite a few years ago the trends showed that desktop computers — those big, clunky boxes with screens attached by a leash — were on the road to obsolescence, supplanted by more mobile devices with a screen that flipped open, leaving a keyboard for typing and data input. Another couple of years and the keyboard started to seem rather pointless; with accurate touch screens, voice input and so many people focused on consumption of the Web rather than production of new Web content, who needs to type?

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Engagement Time Is Directly Connected To Digital Revenue

Engagement Time Is Important To Top Publishers

We’ve been spending a lot of time recently digging deeper and deeper into metrics that look closely at user behavior and visitor intent. These metrics are proving to be incredibly valuable to some of the world’s top digital publishers, and we’ve been breaking down all the different ways they impact revenue, traffic, and brand reputation; as well as how you can measure and track them yourself. This time, we’ll be looking at engagement time.

user experience and visitor engagement

Below, I’ll highlight exactly what engagement time is, how it’s measured, how it impacts revenue, and why all publishers should be looking very closely at this metric. I’ll also demonstrate why it is hard to manipulate and why many publishers are choosing to look at it over traditional metrics like session duration.

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