Most Frustrating Part About BlogHer Conference

The Most Frustrating Part About The BlogHer Conference

Having never been to a BlogHer conference, I had no idea what to expect. 2300 women (and a few brave men!) descended on Orlando for three days of learning, networking, and fun. 

The first thing I noticed was the energy of the place. I was surrounded by powerful, motivated, women from all walks of life. Some ran foodie blogs, some had their own clothing lines, some still had 9-5 jobs and were thinking about taking the plunge to becoming full-fledged entrepreneurs. Everyone had a different story, but had one thing in common: they were there to better themselves.

blogher conference 2017

We had the pleasure of listening to some powerful women speak – Serena Williams, Chelsea Clinton, Cecile Richards to name a few. But as amazing as those keynotes were, it was the women I met standing in line for registration, the women I ate lunch with, and the women I met during the happy hour that really stood out. These women are changing the world. They are making an impact. That’s what made this next part so frustrating…

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Easy Ways To Improve AdSense Ads

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3 Easy Ways To Improve Adsense Ads

Google Adsense is great because it’s easy to use and one of the most reliable ad networks available. If you have a website, and you want to start earning money, all you need to do is paste a few code snippets on the site and voila — AdSense ads are now showing for your users. 

The problem is that in many cases publishers lack direct expertise in how to really maximize AdSense ad earnings. In many cases, publishers have set up an account simply to make a few extra bucks and may not recognize the amount of revenue they are leaving on the table by not optimizing their site for AdSense ads; especially if a site generates a lot of organic traffic. Continue reading “Easy Ways To Improve AdSense Ads”

Mobile App Development

mobile app turn your site into an app website to app build appUse Ezoic’s iOS app creator to build a mobile app of your website for only $4.99/month. The benefits of having an app are numerous:

  • Grow your number of loyal users
  • Generate another stream of revenue
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Show up in search results
  • Future proof your site
  • Send push notifications to your users to drive more traffic to your site

And much more!

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New Features June/July 2014

We’re excited about it. And you should be too!

Business and Corporate Sites

Ezoic’s optimization technology is now available for business and corporate sites who are looking to improve their website’s usability. Get access to touch-and-swipe enabled mobile and tablet versions of your site along with modern, user-friendly desktop versions.

Google has reported that upwards of 70% of people are more likely to use a service or buy a product if the company has a mobile-friendly site. Don’t lose out on those potential customers!  Continue reading “New Features June/July 2014”

Website Testing: Not just for Ecommerce sites

Testing – Not just for ecommerce websites

Ecommerce sites are pros at testing their website’s layout. Take Amazon, for example. Their site looks different than it did a couple of years ago, especially on mobile and tablet. Does it look better now? That’s a personal question. Does it perform better? You can bet your last dollar it does. Continue reading “Website Testing: Not just for Ecommerce sites”

The Switch

When we first began offering Ezoic as a service to website owners, we had full control over the experiments. When a site signed up, we would automatically build 100+ different layouts and test them all. I’ll admit, some were prettier than others 🙂 Continue reading “The Switch”