How Ads Can Reduce Bounce Rate

Can Ads Reduce Bounce Rate?

Advertising is fundamentally important to the online ecosystem because it allows people to access free content online. If given the option to pay a monthly subscription or access to sites for free, most people would prefer free content. With that said, when advertisements are placed on a website, it can also correlate to an increased bounce rate. Logically, this makes sense because it’s another reason for visitors to exit a page. However, there are some principles — proven by science — that allow publishers to show ads and reduce bounce rate at the same time.

can ads reduce bounce rate

Below, we’ll highlight exactly what we’ve learned from studying thousands of sites, bounce rates, and ad placements that will allow you to reduce bounce rate while still displaying effective ads on your site. The secret is in the data.

The first two are things most top publishers are already doing. The last one is something that very few top publishers are doing… and we’ve seen it make a huge difference.

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App Store Optimization

Tips to Get Your App Noticed

As you may have noticed, there is a consistent trend towards people spending more time browsing on their mobile devices than on computers. Additionally, those who are browsing on their phones tend to be spending a substantial amount of time using apps, rather than traditional browsers. In fact according to Comscore, 87% of all time spent on mobile phones is done in apps. This, among other reasons, is why we highly recommend all publishers consider creating a mobile app for their site!

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Ad Exchange

How Programmatic Buying and Selling Ads Benefits Online Publishers

Publishers may be wary of working with Ad Networks and Exchanges, because they typically only sell ad inventory via direct deals. The reasons some publishers favor direct ads varies, but it can often be because of a perceived lack of control. The publisher may like having the ability to negotiate the terms of the deal and prefer receiving the money up front. Continue reading “Ad Exchange”

Ad Blocker Extensions & the Impact on Advertising Revenue

Apple recently announced that iPhones will now have an ad blocker extension on Safari, and if you’re like other publishers, you’re probably concerned that this will impact revenue for your site. This is a reasonable concern, but it’s likely that this won’t make a huge impact as you might expect. Continue reading “Ad Blocker Extensions & the Impact on Advertising Revenue”