Author: John Cole

Episode 4: Ready for Take Off!

Listen to Episode 4. Transcription: John: Hi guys. Welcome another Ezoic podcast. I’m here with Piper Lofrano, Hi Piper! Piper: Hi everyone. John: So we are going to be going through ‘ready for takeoff’. What does this...

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Episode 3: Website Looks and Usability

Listen to Episode 3. Transcription: John: Welcome folks. We are here to do our second podcast, I am here to introduce Piper Lofrano. Piper: Hello. John: Hey Piper. So your job this time is to ask questions on behalf of...

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Episode 2: Does Ezoic Affect SEO?

Listen to Episode 2. Transcript: John: Welcome folks. Welcome back again to another Ezoic podcast. This time, well I’ve got Piper here again. Piper: Hello again. John: Hello Piper. So Piper, what are we talking about...

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Google Mobile Friendly?

What all AdSense Publishers need to know. The past couple of years have seen an astounding upsurge in mobile page views. The growth of users who are accessing information with their smartphones or tablets, rather than using a...

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