How To Become A Video Publisher & Grow Your Website

How To Become A Video Publisher & Grow Your Website

We’ve talked about the importance of video for your Web site, both from the perspective of catching your visitors attention and for improving your search ranking. Let’s go a bit more hands-on with the actual specifics of how to create a pro-quality video, from gear to lighting techniques, and become a first-class video publisher.

video publisher - video publishers - video publishing

The good news is that video recording and editing tools have are better and more easy to work with than at any time in history, and you don’t need much more than a good, modern smartphone or laptop to get started! In fact, there are plenty of people who are using their iPhone, Galaxy S8 or similar to not just record and edit video content, but to go live on Facebook or Periscope/Twitter.

Below, I’ll share some secrets that publishers are using to grow their brand, visitors, and digital revenue using video.

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Video SEO Strategies for Digital Publishers

Why Video SEO Strategies for Digital Publishers Make Sense

Plenty of Web publishers hear the phrase “SEO” and think about page titles, keyword research, and incoming links. Is your sitemap accurate? Are you producing what Google considers thin content? Lots to worry about and the worst part of all search engine optimization effort is that there’s so darn much competition. Are there ever less than a million pages shown as the result of a Web search nowadays?

video seo stratgey

This is why video SEO is becoming such a hot topic among top publishers, bloggers, and website owners. There is a lot of value in having a strong video component to your publishing efforts, and I’ll show you why.

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3 Website Marketing Tips That Are Outdated

Website Marketing Tips That Are Outdated

Are you trying to figure out why your content isn’t gaining the views it did a few years ago? Do you keep trying the same strategy with your content, prose, and headlines, even as you sigh every time someone mentions website marketing tips that you know in your soul you’re already doing? 

4 outdated website marketing tips

Turns out, that just like the fashion industry, the online world changes and evolves. Digital publishers and bloggers that were once successful fall behind every day because they fail to stay up to date on what is working with modern audiences.

You see, user behaviors shift, on almost a monthly basis. This is why big dramatic web design projects almost never work out. Below, I’ll share with you some common strategies that simply don’t work like they used to, and offer some sage advice on how to pivot in the right direction.

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What Title Tags Work The Best For New Posts

Title Tags That Work For New Posts…

Tyler Bishop of Ezoic and I were talking about the critical importance of researching and writing great title tags for your online publishing endeavors and sharing our strategies when it became obvious that we’re not quite on the same page.

which title tags work best for seo

Tyler is very focused on data and analytics while my approach is more middle of the road, trying to find a balance between the analytics and something with verve. We decided our conversation warranted a deeper public discussion, so low and behold, our collective advice, tips, and more are all below for your enjoyment.

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Blogging & Publishings Tips From Veteran, Dave Taylor

Blogging & Publishings Tips From An Industry Veteran

Last week, Tyler and I chatted about my history and background in Web publishing and the evolution of my sites. Our discussion continues this week, but you should probably start with last week’s discussion so you have some context…

blogging and digital publishing tips

As a veteran of this space, I’ve seen it evolve a lot. I’m happy Tyler and I took some time to discuss how it’s changed, where it’s going, and how to get there.

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Online Publisher, Dave Taylor, Delivers Advice & More

Online Publisher, Dave Taylor, Shares Website Experiences

Ezoic blog editor, Tyler Bishop, and I have been working together for quite a while now, but we thought it would be fun and hopefully enlightening to have us go back to the origin of my experience as an online publisher, my Web site AskDaveTaylor, and how it’s gone in the last decade.

online publisher dave taylor on online publishing

The interview below consists of some of Tyler’s questions and my answers regarding how I got started, my secrets to success, my biggest mistakes, and more. Hopefully, you can learn a thing or two from my long journey.

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Popular Posts Can Help You Increase Web Traffic

How Popular Posts Can Help You Increase Web Traffic

Quick, what’s the most popular article on your Web site? What topics are covered in your most popular posts? Which articles do people spend the most time reading, and which ones actually extend user sessions by pushing readers onto other pages where they can get lost in your awesome content?

data from popular posts

These are basic questions to know about your Web site and as recently as twenty years ago, were but a fantasy for every information publisher. The desire for data is common across all types of publishers, though. Book writers would love to know how far a typical Kindle or ebook reader makes it before bailing on their latest missive. TV producers can draw all sorts of conclusions based on which episodes are watched on demand and where viewers run out of steam and quit binge-watching a series.

Fortunately, we can glean all this data now without A Clockwork Orange sort of setup where viewers have their eyeballs propped open and computers analyzing their eye movements! Far from it: all of this great data for your Web site is available through sophisticated analytics tools, ready for you to analyze.

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How To Use Content Structure That Is Engaging To Readers

Website Content Structure That Is Engaging To Visitors

Look closely at this article. Not at the words, though they’re important, but rather the content structure. Yes, that’s important. In fact, it’s critically important for the success of your online publishing business.

imrpove content structure

There are good ways and bad ways to present content to readers in the online world, whether your target audience is on a tiny smartphone screen or a big 4K desktop monitor. Some of the best practices we all learned the hard way from sites like MySpace (tip: dark red letters on a black background still looks awful!) but there are a lot of other aspects to content structure that can make your content more readable and engaging.

We’ve talked about how hacks for improving things like bounce rate before. Now, I’m going to talk a little bit about writing in a way that is more engaging to readers (in ways you probably haven’t thought of before).

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Push Instagram Traffic To Your Website

How to push Instagram traffic to your website

When you think of marketing and social media channels for your publishing empire — or simple blog — Facebook’s in the top slot, followed by Twitter and maybe Pinterest or LinkedIn (depending on your property). It’s fair to wonder where Instagram fits into this equation for publishers (we’ve talked about how to maximize these other channels here). 

can you generate traffic through instagram

What many fail to consider is the marketing power of Instagram that many B2C businesses are leveraging. There is a lot to learn from these practices and publishers are missing them.

It’s understandable, though, because as a mobile-centric social network, Instagram doesn’t have that one key feature that most everyone seeks: clickable (or tappable) links. Post something to Instagram and add a URL to the description and whether it’s prefaced by “http://“ or simply a “www.” format, it’s a dead link. Tapping on it just won’t accomplish anything. So what’s the point… Continue reading “Push Instagram Traffic To Your Website”

Leveraging Social Media To Create Engaging Content

Leveraging Social Media To Create Engaging Content

You’ve heard the mantra by now: social media is the future of site marketing, and the heart of social media is engaging content. You don’t want eyeballs, you want interaction; whether it’s likes, comments, or shares. Heck, even a passionate debate in the comments associated with your latest Facebook post or Instagram image is a win, and if your latest Twitter tweet gets retweeted (shared) hundreds of times because people want to snark on it? That’s cool too.

social media engaging content

Search engines have gained savvy, recognizing that it’s easy to have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people see content through advertising and other promotional techniques. But having people care about what you post and having them react to it? That’s another story, and that’s really the essence of modern popularity analysis.

And remember, “search engine” covers a multitude of sites now, much more than just Google or Bing. Don’t forget video content too: YouTube has its own engagement features and can also analyze whether a video posted is getting views and reactions or just views. Also, let’s remember that Facebook and other social platforms are bebomig their own ecosystems entirely.

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