Adapting Your Mobile Publishing Strategy To Fit Your Audience

Adapting Your Mobile Publishing Strategy To Fit Your Audience

There are a lot of things that have changed in the last decade of the World Wide Web, but none are more profound than the shift from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices. Whether you’re using a smartwatch, a smartphone or a smart tablet (do they sell dumb devices anymore?) the way you access information online has changed significantly with the rise of pervasive connectivity and smaller, faster, and, yes, smarter devices.

mobile publishing strategy

It was quite a few years ago the trends showed that desktop computers — those big, clunky boxes with screens attached by a leash — were on the road to obsolescence, supplanted by more mobile devices with a screen that flipped open, leaving a keyboard for typing and data input. Another couple of years and the keyboard started to seem rather pointless; with accurate touch screens, voice input and so many people focused on consumption of the Web rather than production of new Web content, who needs to type?

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What I Do To Run A Profitable Website

How Runs a Profitable Website

When you run a profitable website for over a decade, you eventually get the hang of scheduling, content production, photo editing, and visitor feedback, even if it might be mostly learning from your mistakes. Heck, my site — — started out on Movable Type and for years I was a holdout, refusing to switch it to WordPress. It took the Movable Type development team finally saying that they were done with development and maintenance to push me into the plugin-centric WordPress world.

Below, I’ll highlight the tools, infrastructure, and technologies I’ve leveraged along the way to make my life easier, my website better, and my bottom line grow.

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How to Take Time Off as an Online Publisher

How to Take Time Off as an Online Publisher

It’s the height of the summer and the combination of being hot and having bored, listless kids is enough to make anyone ready for some time off. This week’s also the great American summer picnic holiday too: Independence Day (if you’re reading this retroactively, insert the next popular holiday). Everyone’s ready for a visit to the beach, a concert in the park, a ballgame and fireworks.

online publishers take time off Problem is, if you’re an online publisher you might be thinking that you can’t possibly take any time off because there’s breaking news, there are topics that can drive traffic to your site, heck, Google Trends could reveal hints of the Next Big Topic! How could you possibly afford to be offline for days on end when the world keeps turning and life keeps moving forward?

Yeah, there’s a certain comfort in being a so-called workaholic, but while you’re sitting in front of your computer or laptop 24×7 the rest of your life is proceeding apace too. Your spouse or partner is twiddling their thumbs, and the kids are hoping to play. Below, I’ll highlight some strategies that online publishers can use to step away and unplug without sacrificing growth.

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Create A Newsletter That Brings More Website Traffic

Create A Newsletter That Brings More Website Traffic

If you’re a good publisher, you already know all about the top modern traffic-building techniques; like advanced keyword research and optimizing titles to maximize your SERPs (search engine results page, if you’re not sure what that acronym means). It’s a key part of any traffic building strategy and can really help you get more and more people coming to your site and reading your content. So why would you do something old and stuffy like create a newsletter?

create a newsletter to generate website traffic Of course, getting people to your site, getting them to trust you, and delivering an excellent experience is a completely different story. Many publishers focus on new visitor flows at the cost of potentially damaging long-term relationships, or as us MBA types would say, ignoring that customer acquisition costs are almost always higher than customer retention costs.

Below, I’ll highlight how you can create a newsletter that builds traffic to your website using your most loyal user base. I’ll show you why all the major brands are re-focusing their attention on this important category.

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Maximizing Digital Revenue Using Often Neglected Insights

Maximizing Digital Revenue Using Often Neglected Insights

If you’re a creative type, it’s easy to get into the groove of writing, publishing, publicizing, and repeating. We’ve been told for many years that content is king and that more content = more traffic. The problem is, just like a book author who never reads reviews and never listens to feedback from readers, not paying attention to feedback is a bad idea; especially when it comes to maximizing digital revenue.

maximizing digital revenue using analytics

Imagine how much better a book author gets when they listen and learn from their readers. Now, picture how beneficial it is as an online publisher to do the same: analyze your site traffic, identify which topics resonate the most with your visitors, and see which ones are really contributing the most to the bottom line.

This is not going to be some boring old post about analyzing traffic or CPM’s (or RPM’s). In the text below, I’ll highlight some metrics, math, and insights that most publishers fail to take into account when they create new content, try to maximize the value of their existing content, and think strategically about the future of their site. Continue reading “Maximizing Digital Revenue Using Often Neglected Insights”

YouTube SEO Tips & Tricks For Digital Publishers

YouTube SEO Tips & Tricks

As a publisher, there are a lot of different channels you can use to get the word out and reach your audience. Lots more than yet another blog post, that’s for sure. It’s more work, but I’ve become quite a fan of video and have a thriving YouTube video channel where I produce and share consumer electronics reviews every week to thousands of viewers and fans. You can have a quick peek: AskDaveTaylor on YouTube.

youtube seo tips

Most YouTubers will tell you that producing even a fantastic video is only half the work required to have good results on a popular Google-owned site that’s been the #2 most popular site on the entire Web for many years.

You also have to approach posting a video as a search engine optimization project too. Yup, YouTube SEO is a thing, and not just for Google search itself. In fact, YouTube SEO applies to everywhere your customers might be searching for your product, service or information. Including Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest descriptions and Pinboard names.

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Video Production Gear Choices For Digital Publishers

Best Video Production Gear Choices For Digital Publishers

Last time we talked about video production gear, I explored a couple of important factors: audio, tripods, and lighting. As anyone who spends time on YouTube knows, you can get away with pretty poor video quality (think “shaky cam”) if your audio is good, so that might be the top thing you should work on improving for your own videos.

video production gear

We’re not done talking about video production gear, however, because while you can definitely get started with a smartphone, better video recording gear is definitely going to yield better, more viewable results. You don’t have to go get a $250,000 4K broadcast rig, don’t worry, but it’s surprising how much a good camera can improve your end product.

At the end of the day, quality will help you stand out. Having a the right setup can help you deliver this level of quality, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

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How To Become A Video Publisher & Grow Your Website

How To Become A Video Publisher & Grow Your Website

We’ve talked about the importance of video for your Web site, both from the perspective of catching your visitors attention and for improving your search ranking. Let’s go a bit more hands-on with the actual specifics of how to create a pro-quality video, from gear to lighting techniques, and become a first-class video publisher.

video publisher - video publishers - video publishing

The good news is that video recording and editing tools have are better and more easy to work with than at any time in history, and you don’t need much more than a good, modern smartphone or laptop to get started! In fact, there are plenty of people who are using their iPhone, Galaxy S8 or similar to not just record and edit video content, but to go live on Facebook or Periscope/Twitter.

Below, I’ll share some secrets that publishers are using to grow their brand, visitors, and digital revenue using video.

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Video SEO Strategies for Digital Publishers

Why Video SEO Strategies for Digital Publishers Make Sense

Plenty of Web publishers hear the phrase “SEO” and think about page titles, keyword research, and incoming links. Is your sitemap accurate? Are you producing what Google considers thin content? Lots to worry about and the worst part of all search engine optimization effort is that there’s so darn much competition. Are there ever less than a million pages shown as the result of a Web search nowadays?

video seo stratgey

This is why video SEO is becoming such a hot topic among top publishers, bloggers, and website owners. There is a lot of value in having a strong video component to your publishing efforts, and I’ll show you why.

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3 Website Marketing Tips That Are Outdated

Website Marketing Tips That Are Outdated

Are you trying to figure out why your content isn’t gaining the views it did a few years ago? Do you keep trying the same strategy with your content, prose, and headlines, even as you sigh every time someone mentions website marketing tips that you know in your soul you’re already doing? 

4 outdated website marketing tips

Turns out, that just like the fashion industry, the online world changes and evolves. Digital publishers and bloggers that were once successful fall behind every day because they fail to stay up to date on what is working with modern audiences.

You see, user behaviors shift, on almost a monthly basis. This is why big dramatic web design projects almost never work out. Below, I’ll share with you some common strategies that simply don’t work like they used to, and offer some sage advice on how to pivot in the right direction.

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