Using Ezoic To Do Website Traffic Analysis

Using Ezoic To Do Website Traffic Analysis

I’ve said it to hundreds of students and colleagues both; make sure you have Google Analytics running on your Web site and make sure you frequently check and analyze the data. There’s lots that’s actionable and it’s a sophisticated, professional tool. However, most publishers need to be doing a deeper website traffic analysis on their site.

website traffic analysis using ezoic

Time for a true confession, though: I never look at my Google Analytics data. Fact is, since I’m not a PhD statistician in the Googleplex it all just gives me a headache. Finding real actionable information in the Analytics UI is annoying to me. 

Which is why it’s great that my AskDaveTaylor site uses Ezoic for layout and ad placement testing. By being at the DNS-level, Ezoic can also collect usage data and visitor analytics much better than Google Analytics can. After all, Ezoic can’t test multiple layout options if it can’t collect user data, right?

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How Website Owners Find Publishing News They Trust

How Website Owners Find Publishing News They Trust

Whether you’re just starting out with the adventure of being an online publisher or you’ve been rockin’ the Web for years, we all face the same dilemma of where to get our news and industry-specific information. Making this more complicated, we live in an era of fake news, rumors, and plain-old spin that spreads so fast that it can take on a life of its own. Even if a particular topic is nonsense from the get-go.

publishing news website owners

This means that every website owner is hoping to quash the fake news while being fast and on top of the latest trends and information relevant to surviving in this industry. Yeah, that’s a challenge, all right, and it can be quite hard to try and be first to publish something really interesting!

This week, I thought it would be helpful for me to talk about what sources I use to keep followers of my tech site up to date with news, gadgets and tech, and how I research articles and topics once they hit my radar. I should highlight that the site isn’t a news site, per se, but our social feed includes lots of consumer electronics, tech, and industry news. Gotta feed the beast, right?

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Guide For Content Creators On How To Waste Time

Guide For Content Creators On How To Waste Time

I remember the first time I bumped into author Tim Ferriss. We were both speaking at a conference and he rushed past me; he was running late and needed to get to his podium. Later I saw him dash out and head to his next appointment. Turned out that the author you would think would be more mellow and efficient than any of us — after all, he wrote “The Four-Hour Work Week” — was hustling like no-one’s business.

content creators waste time

That’s because he was dealing with something we all have to manage, whether we’re the CEO of a newly funded startup, a coder fighting a customer fire, or manager of a Website that publishes articles about gem collecting: time wasters.

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Publisher Shares Challenges Ahead For Website Owners

Publisher Shares Challenges Ahead For Website Owners

The future is bright, we’re all getting more connected and people are spending more and more time online, right? Yes, but… but when I look in my crystal ball, I see a future where there are also more technological improvements that will prove a to be obstacles to actually generating revenue as an online publisher.

website owners challenges

How do you circumvent the challenges and stay ahead as a website owner or independent publisher. Let’s have a look at a few of the items on my mind…

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More Google Analytics Reports For Publishers

More Google Analytics Reports For Publishers

Last time I talked at length about the specific Google Analytics information can offer to digital publishers that many often miss. Specifically, I talked about using Goals and Site Search features to get more insight into how pages relate to certain visitors and whatever other goals you set to learn what people seek when they get to your site.

google analytics reports for publishers

This time I want to look at a couple of additional lesser known features of Google Analytics to help Web publishers. Demographics and Engagement, both critically important to ensure that your targeting works and to confirm that you’re producing compelling content that people want to share with friends and colleagues.

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Setting up Google Analytics for Digital Publishers

Setting up Google Analytics for Digital Publishers

Oh sure, you’ve added the Google Analytics code to your site and check your stats to see what’s going on. But as a publisher,  have you configured Google Analytics to best deliver important insights to your goals and objectives? To misquote Janet Jackson, “what has Analytics done for you lately”?

configure google analytics publisher

Let’s have a look at a couple of features in Google Analytics you should have enabled and be analyzing on a weekly basis to better understand your traffic and visitors.

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Risks For Independent Web Publishers In The Next 5 Years

Risks For Independent Web Publishers In The Next 5 Years

By: Dave Taylor (

I can’t decide. Is the future so bright that I’ve gotta’ wear shades, or is there an impending apocalyptic nightmare of global warming and civil unrest just over the horizon? This obviously matters to me and my family, but it also matters to my business, and since my web publishing business is the lion’s share of my income, it’s pretty important to plan ahead and avoid future risks.

web publisher risks five years

So what’s likely to happen in the next few years and what can I do about it proactively?

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How To Monitor Your Website Day To Day

How To Monitor Your Website Day To Day

Once you’re done deploying a design and getting everything set up with a hosting company, running a Web site can move into maintenance mode. That’s when you’re focused on the content, not your infrastructure, and that’s good because we all know the mantra content is king.

monitor website

But if you’re not paying attention to the underlying technology that powers your publishing site you could be headed towards disaster, whether it’s a Google or Facebook penalty dropping your site traffic to a trickle, changes in your audience interest, choke-points in your hosting plan, or even hackers sneaking onto your site and wreaking havoc.

As a result, it’s beneficial to get a reminder of what you should be watching on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, so that’s what I’m going to cover in this article. 

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Should Websites Delete Comments, Ignore, or Reply?

Should Websites Delete Comments, Ignore, or Reply?

Seems like such a basic question if you’re running a Web site: do you allow comments, and if so, do you approve them all for publishing or filter them? There are lots of nuances in this area, however, and it’s worth spending some time considering all of your options and how they might affect both your success online and the impression visitors get when they come to your site.

website delete comments

I’ve been at this a while and can share with you some precise criteria for how you should go about handling comments on your site. Below, I’ll highlight when visitor comments make sense, and when they might now.

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Accounting For Your Website Traffic Seasonality

Accounting For Website Traffic Seasonality As A Publisher

It’s back to school time. No, it’s not, it’s coming up on Halloween. Or, if you’re a publisher in a niche about toys, it might just be when you start planning for your Christmas efforts. Just about every publisher faces the challenge of adjusting their efforts to match website traffic seasonality, but how well do you manage the task?

website traffic seasonality

Below, I’ll highlight how a lot of publisher account for seasonality. How to measure against it and embrace it.

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