Month: September 2015

Episode 4: Ready for Take Off!

Listen to Episode 4. Transcription: John: Hi guys. Welcome another Ezoic podcast. I’m here with Piper Lofrano, Hi Piper! Piper: Hi everyone. John: So we are going to be going through ‘ready for takeoff’. What does this...

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Episode 3: Website Looks and Usability

Listen to Episode 3. Transcription: John: Welcome folks. We are here to do our second podcast, I am here to introduce Piper Lofrano. Piper: Hello. John: Hey Piper. So your job this time is to ask questions on behalf of...

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Episode 2: Does Ezoic Affect SEO?

Listen to Episode 2. Transcript: John: Welcome folks. Welcome back again to another Ezoic podcast. This time, well I’ve got Piper here again. Piper: Hello again. John: Hello Piper. So Piper, what are we talking about...

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