How Websites Use Ezoic To Improve Traffic, Experiences, & Ad Earnings

How Websites Use Ezoic To Improve Traffic, Experiences, & Ad Earnings

This is obviously a blog that  I primarily use to do tutorials for webmasters, dig into data that we have collected over the years, and break down emerging industry trends.

However, this is also the Ezoic blog. As our platform has expanded, added features, and improved, I think it is worth it to look at some of the powerful things publishers are using Ezoic to do.

improve website using Ezoic

Below, I’ll highlight a number of different projects, improvements, and optimizations that website owners, bloggers, and brands can execute using Ezoic.

I’ll demonstrate how sites can improve security, website traffic, site speed, visitor engagement, session duration, mobile usability, and ad earnings all using features within Ezoic’s exclusive platform.

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What is Google Ad Manager & What Happened To AdX , AdSense, & DFP?

What is Google Ad Manager & What Happened To AdX, AdSense, & DFP?

At the end of June 2018,  Google announced it would be “simplifying” many of their advertising and publisher-facing products through a major rebranding effort.

This meant a total rebrand of popular products like AdWords, Ad Exchange, DoubleClick, and their full suite of advertising and marketing tools.

access google ad manager account

Even though Google addressed how these new products would be simplified under a smaller group of product umbrella’s, it left publishers with major questions.

What would happen to AdSense?

Will Google’s new Ad Manager be the same as the old DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) now that the product includes Google’s Ad Exchange (AdX) in the product description?

Below, I’ll dig deeper into what this rebrand means for publishers and answer all the major questions in non-Google-speak.

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Why Do Ad Rates Drop In July? (CPMs)

Why do ad rates drop in July? (CPMs)

Ever wonder why publisher ad earnings tend to see a dip in July (or even the start of October)? This is primarily because advertisers end their quarterly budgets in the month prior. That means ad campaigns end and some of the marketplace competition that drives higher ad rates for publishers goes away … temporarily.

ad rates drop - ad earnings decline

Ad rates typically drop at the end of each quarter. Ad rates then recover as advertisers begin launching new campaigns for the new quarter.

Below, I’ll highlight ad rate trends that we see seasonally. Additionally, I’ll show why some drops are more dramatic than others.

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How To Manage Organic Traffic Loss In 3 Simple Ways

How To Manage Organic Traffic Loss In 3 Simple Ways

Managing an organic traffic loss can be a really frustrating experience. Webmasters and digital publishers often rack their brains for days trying to understand exactly why organic traffic has dropped off.

organic traffic drop

Managing organic traffic loss can be done best in three simple steps:

1.) Identifying the drop

2.) Understanding the drop

3.) Fixing the issue

Below, I’ll show you how to do all three.

We will dig into 3 different ways to look at potential issues on your site, and what solutions are correlated with abnormalities in each evaluation method.

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What Sites With Great Website Speed Have In Common

What Sites With Great Website Speed Have In Common

Last week, we looked at what some of the most popular media sites and blogs had in common. We looked closely at their layouts and content. Now, we’ll examine some of the fastest and most popular websites on the internet to see what they’re doing to deliver such a fast website experience to visitors.

website speed and site speed testing

Website speed is not a flat metric. It is affected by dozens and dozens of factors. However, it can be daunting to sort through all the potential culprits responsible for slowing down site speed.

Below, I’ll evaluate four attributes that popular sites with great website speed have in common.

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Website Layout Ideas & Tips From Top Publishers & Blogs

Website Layout Ideas & Examples From Top Publishers & Blogs

Study after study continues to show the significant impact that a website’s layout plays in both the visitor’s experience and the total amount of revenue a publisher generates from ads and other digital revenue sources.

website layout ideas - website layout tips

Website layout directly impacts how a visitor browses content and navigates from page to page.

The visitor’s engagement in the content, and the number of pages they visit, directly impacts the total number of ad impressions they see and the value of those impressions to advertisers on your site.

Below, I’ll review website layouts from across the web. We will look at several key things that many of the top sites have in common. I’ll also share some insights into why one site might choose something totally different from another using real data.

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Is GDPR Affecting Publisher and Blogger Monetization?

How Is GDPR Affecting Publisher and Blogger Monetization?

Now that the official GDPR compliance deadline has passed, I think it’s fair to say that publishers and content creators of all shapes and sizes have a lot of questions about the impact they should be seeing or expecting on their websites.

GDPR FAQ and answers

GDPR regulations have not been easy for anyone to navigate. For businesses that make their living from monetizing online content, this holds particularly true; as many have wondered what kind of effect this entire set of European laws could have on, not only their site(s), but the entire industry as a whole as well.

Below, I’ll review a couple of the top questions I’ve seen from across the web about the impact of GDPR, expectations from publishers, and what we are seeing on the thousands and thousands of sites using our platform.

Included Below: The impact of GDPR on ad rates and monetization for the US, EU, and rest of the world.

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GDPR Compliance Instructions For Digital Publishers

GDPR Compliance Instructions For Digital Publishers

GDPR has been a bit a whirlwind. The European regulatory initiative to provide internet users with greater control over their privacy has left publishers scrambling for answers at the last minute to comply with the new laws — in effect on the 25th of May, 2018.

gdpr compliance for publishers

Let’s be honest, GDPR is a bit of a mess. It’s unnecessarily complicated and disruptive to just about any business or entity with a website. That being said, it’s in your best interest to comply with these laws ASAP or you could face a pretty stiff penalty.

Below, I’ll outline some basic steps, information, and free tools any publisher can use to help with GDPR compliance.

I suppose I probably need a disclaimer here before moving forward:

This post does not constitute legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Every industry is different, and every company, website, and legal entity has different data collection requirements under GDPR regulations. 

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4 Ways Site Visitors Affect Your SEO & Revenue

4 Ways Site Visitors Affect Your SEO & Revenue

SEO and revenue are often the lifeblood for web publishers and content creators. The one thing that has a dramatic effect on both of these variables is how site visitors interact with a website and it’s content.

site visitors to your website

It’s common for publishers to get so focused on improving organic traffic, or increasing website revenue, that they lose sight of how the site visitor is impacted by changes that are made to influence these important variables.

Below, I’ll show 4 different ways that site visitors are impacting both organic traffic and website revenue through their behavior.

Savvy publishers and website owners can use this information to improve these behaviors on their sites and then optimize all these variables together.

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Way To Improve Website Engagement & Make Visitors Happy

Ways To Improve Website Engagement & Make Visitors Happy

More and more media brands and content creators are realizing the value of visitor engagement. Understanding authentic website engagement — and being able to improve it — is directly linked to increased website revenue, better ad rates from advertisers, and increased return visitors.

measure website engagement

The issue that most content creators and digital publishers face with affecting website engagement is their ability to measure and understand what variables are most dramatically affecting a visitor’s behavior on their site.

Below, I’ll give examples of some data that anyone can get from their website and how to analyze it to make meaningful changes that will improve objective website engagement metrics (like engaged time on site).

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